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Ovarian Cancer Private Tests London

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1sttimer80 Mon 05-Jun-17 16:34:01

Hello ladies, so I've been to my GP and at the risk of sounding paranoid I would like to get a private ultrasound done as a lot of my symptoms align to Ovarian Cancer. With all the awareness going on around this and my symptoms I don't really want to wait for 10 days before my ultrasound on the NHS. I would like to go private and have it all tested out quickly to know what I am facing. My question is has anyone gone down this route and can anyone recommend anywhere in London that they've been to or know of. I have seen the site for the London Ultrasound Clinic any ideas what this is like? I've done a fair bit of googling and a lot of the clinics concentrate on pregnancy which doesn't fill me with confidence they would be able to detect if anything was wrong. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

PollyPerky Mon 05-Jun-17 18:03:31

I really think you ought to wait your 10 days.

However, if you really can't then any clinic that offers pelvic ultrasound should be ok. All they will look for is a growth on your ovary or in your abdo. You need a TVS- transvaginal scan - which is a wand like probe they insert in the vagina. This takes the best images.

The person who does the scan is more important than anything though. Some people have them done by technicians, others by radiologists. If you want a private radiologist they would need a referral from your GP and you may well have to wait 10 days anyway.

The odds of you having OC are very low especially if you are under 50.
Has your GP not done the C125 blood test while you wait for the scan?

PollyPerky Mon 05-Jun-17 18:08:15

I've looked at the place you mention. If you read the info on their website it says they pass on all scans to one of their team, so the person doing the scan is not the person reading your images. It is very reasonably priced for a scan.

cestlavielife Mon 05-Jun-17 21:50:11

Go to portland hosp
Ask to see a gynaecologist who will do scan tgere and then and feed back at once

1sttimer80 Tue 06-Jun-17 14:44:45

Thank you all for your advice. No my GP hasn't requested any bloods. I can wait 10 days for an appointment but then I'm thinking if anything is picked up then I'm looking at another waiting game to bebreferrwd to gyne etc. With 2 young children and as I said all my symptoms put together I'm thinking maybe it's best just to get it tested out sooner rather than later in one go so i know where i stand. I've booked at the place I mentioned as they are also a cancer screening centre so I'll be able to see the Gynecologist once the scan is done. I am a worrier!

PollyPerky Tue 06-Jun-17 15:07:00

There are many, many conditions that cause bloating and slight pain that's similar to OC. If your children are young and you are young too, the likelihood of OC is very rare. Your GP ought to have told you all of this.

The symptoms of OC tend to be noticeable when the disease is advanced which makes it even less likely that is what you have.

If anything was shown on a scan whether it was private or NHS you would be fast tracked within 2 weeks to an oncologist.

Do you have health anxiety too? Your concern sounds a bit out of proportion to be honest.

1sttimer80 Tue 06-Jun-17 15:47:18

My GP did say my symptoms were a little worrying. No don't have any health anxiety at all well not usually anyway. I'm more of a wait and see type of person but put it this way a few weeks ago I ended up in intense pain. Stupidly should have called an ambulance as I was in that much pain but ended up taking a couple of paracetamol just about managed to make a hot water bottle and must have passed out as only woke a couple of hours later but thankfully the pain had almost gone. That scared me silly. Coupled with all the aches and pains I have been experiencing is what prompted me to go to the GP in the first place. I'm not a hyperchodriac I promise but everything added up to something going on not necessarily OC. I'd rather know what's going on then hang about for 10 days worrying what could be and what couldn't be. I have absolutely nothing against the NHS they do a fabulous job. I understand what you are saying and I thank you for putting my mind a little at ease. I read somewhere that Ovarian Cancer isn't necessarily silent it's more noisy in that there is lots going on which doesn't necessarily lead to a straight forward diagnosis of OC. I mentioned OC only because i want to rule that one thing out.

PollyPerky Tue 06-Jun-17 16:21:30

Most women do not have pain.

Have a read of this site which is very informative.

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