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A wee moan...

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artisanroast Sun 04-Jun-17 23:28:06


I am 14 weeks pregnant (a little surprise this time) and I am exhausted. I have a cold and have had one pretty much fortnightly since September when my daughter started nursery. This cold has resulted in a totally blocked nose so I can't sleep and can't take decongestants due to pregnancy. My daughter is 21 months. I am still breastfeeding her despite trying my best to stop. She wasn't given formula at all (this one will get one bottle per day) and fast forward I am teeing up to tandem feed. Nothing wrong with that but not in my plan. The tantrums are awful when I try not to feed.

So, the upshot is I am totally knackered with two parasites bleeding any nutrition or immunity dry.

I also work 3 days but as I will have 2 children under 2 and a half, potentially breastfeeding both (couldn't my daughter do the mystical self weaning?) I have decided to leave my job at the time of my mat leave and become a stay at home mum for a bit. Not that we can really afford it but I will make £200 per month after childcare. I have no support from my folks as they live too far away (and are totally nuts - can't stay the night as can't leave the cats so won't visit) as does my husband's family (they are quite sane and lovely individuals but not my family, if that makes sense).

He is being quite amazing and totally supportive in my illness. He is also singlehandedly sorting the flat for selling.

Any sympathy would be great fully received at the moment 🙁

Thanks 😊

tobee Mon 05-Jun-17 14:45:15

I sympathise op. It's totally draining, isn't it? Feeling ill and being pregnant. My dd constantly wanted stories read when I was pregnant and had a cold and sore throat. My dd also didn't want to stop breast feeding, but was only about 14 months, so probably less savvy then yours. It ended up with my dh coming up with two ideas that worked. He took her away to feed from the bottle so she couldn't see or, more importantly, smell me. He also warmed the cow's milk to body temperature. Also she didn't want a teated bottle and only took from a lidded cup with spout. Ds, when he came to that stage, only wanted a traditional baby bottle. They can be fussy like that as it's often a sensory/comfort thing, so it might be worth trying a few. You've probably tried these things, but, in case you haven't....

Magpie24 Mon 05-Jun-17 14:57:46

That sounds so tough. If you have time have you thought about a hot bath, or even just putting your head over a bowl of hot water in the sink? That can help decongest without proper decongestants. Or maybe wasabi! That always helps me smile

Hope you feel better soon.

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