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Very light period very different.

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BringMeTea123 Sun 04-Jun-17 08:47:36

Hi all, not sure if I'm posting this is in the right place.

I was due on my period Friday morning (I'm on the pill, always take it on an evening before bed. So I always know when I'm due). My period can Friday morning and started much like it always does, relatively light and then gets heavier the following day. I have always had heavy periods! I had a baby 7 months ago, they have been slightly lighter since but not definitely not "light period". Woke up Saturday morning and expected a gush when I woke up as I normally due the day after I get my period and nothing! Very light thought the day. I used a super absorbent tampon while I was at work but hardly anything on it when I took out after work which is very unlike my cycle.

Today is day 3 and it's pretty much tapered off. Still small amount of bleeding but very not like my period.

Anyone else been through this? Is it a one off? Should I be concerned

Thanks in advance. Sorry for a rambling post x

loveyoutothemoon Sun 04-Jun-17 10:58:41

Could you be pregnant?

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