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can you help me identify what this is please

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Itsnotwhatitseems Fri 02-Jun-17 18:28:30

My DD has just returned from Bulgaria, although I don't think this happened while she was away. She has complained of a very painful buttock, when I looked this is what I saw. Its a red raised lump next to several purple marks, and she is in pain, she said it came on at work this afternoon. Any idea what it could be please

Itsnotwhatitseems Fri 02-Jun-17 18:29:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

obvsreasfornc Fri 02-Jun-17 18:48:16

It looks like a bug bite to me, I'd put a cold compress on it and take some piriton for the swelling. If it continues to bother her then a trip to the gp.

Itsnotwhatitseems Fri 02-Jun-17 18:58:37


Itsnotwhatitseems Fri 02-Jun-17 19:08:40

one of my concerns was she said when she was there she was sitting next to a dog whilst wearing shorts and then noticed it was covered in ticks, she moved away but I wondered if they had latched on to her and burrowed in to her skin (the purple blotches) and the raised lump was worrying me as I was comparing itt o the lymes disease rashes on google (bad to google I know), she said it really hurts but isn't itchy and she feels sick

SparklyUnicornPoo Fri 02-Jun-17 19:22:35

Wasps leave little purple marks when they bite and can come up in lumps like that from a sting, which could make sense if it came up suddenly at work. It doesn't look like when mum got bitten by a tick and got lymes, the rings round the bite were very obvious on her.

Itsnotwhatitseems Fri 02-Jun-17 19:23:54

wasps, that would make sense, as she said it stings rather than itches

Itsnotwhatitseems Fri 02-Jun-17 19:30:26

I didn't know wasps bite as well as sting

shewolfmum Fri 02-Jun-17 23:46:12


Itsnotwhatitseems Sat 03-Jun-17 04:15:01

just got back from hospital, my DD has been kept in, it was meningitis. She had a CT Scan, 4 blood tests and a lumbar puncture, she is in isolation with an intravenous drip of antibiotics and fluid, I'm going back in tomorrow in about 4 hours, but wanted to update you in case you ever get those purple blotches. She felt unwell but not dreadfully ill like you would expect.

SofiaAmes Sat 03-Jun-17 04:25:04

Wow, so glad you brought her in. What do they think is the source of the meningitis? A bug bite?
Presumably it's bacterial meningitis. Hope she gets well soon.

Itsnotwhatitseems Sat 03-Jun-17 04:29:22

I think its a bug bite from Bulgaria, she was staying on a nature reserve and they have infestations at various times of year, it probably became infected and lead to meningitis, the doctor has been fantastic, I cant fault the care she received. I am confidant she will be OK, will update you when shes back home

GiraffesCantPlayHopScotch Sat 03-Jun-17 04:55:24

Omg hope that she is much better soon

Roystonv Sat 03-Jun-17 05:02:42

Sending a get well soon message to you dd and thanks to you for the info, it looks so innocent.

MissEDashwood Sat 03-Jun-17 05:04:40

Hope she feels better soon. Good on your for getting it seen too.

emesis Sat 03-Jun-17 07:57:18

I'm so glad you took her in! I read your first post and thought, please go straight to the A&E. Anything that looks like it's spreading under the skin is bad news.

TestTubeTeen Sat 03-Jun-17 08:40:42

So glad she went to hospital: I looked at the small purple marks, not the red swelling , and thought ' septicaemia'.

Those are exactly the sort of red marks people should do the glass test on.

Fingers crossed for her swift recovery.

How frightening, OP.

TestTubeTeen Sat 03-Jun-17 08:47:54

(Oh, and OP, you are right, wasps do not bite. Well, they do, when eating, but not as a defence mechanism. They sting)

Ohyesiam Sat 03-Jun-17 12:02:20

Hope she is well again soonflowers

obvsreasfornc Sun 04-Jun-17 16:29:45

Oh goodness, so glad you took her in. Just goes to show that any doubt is best getting checked.
Wishing a speedy recovery to your dd flowers

youarenotkiddingme Sun 04-Jun-17 16:41:26

I'm so glad you got her seen quick and she's receiving care from our amazing NHS.

brewcake for you both to keep your strength up

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