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Bad stomach pain after over-eating. I can't control myself.

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DixieChick77 Wed 31-May-17 16:03:23

NC'd for this because I'm such an embarrassing slob. I'm overweight and I know this is a self-inflicted issue. I need to find the self control to sort out my eating habits from somewhere.

Sometimes I eat way too much. It's a compulsive thing. It's hard to control as it's like my brain flicks on to auto-pilot when it happens. And it's happened for years, but I didn't use to end up in pain for hours.

Yesterday I ate a packet of Frazzles and a large Tesco cookie before I left in the morning as I was running late and needed something I could eat quickly - and eggs/porridge/fruit weren't quick enough. I put one more of each in my bag and had them as a snack mid morning.

My colleague bought us big bacon sandwiches at lunchtime. I had two. I also picked away at some Kinder chocolate in my desk for hours., I think I ate four bars.

When I got home I ate two babybels while my ready meal was in the oven, a "mini" roast dinner - two bacon wrapped chicken breasts and some little sausages with stuffing and gravy. I was aware I'd eaten too much and I know what happens when I do so I didn't have any veg! I know that will sound like an excuse but I like veg with my dinner, it just has a gassy effect on me and would have made last night even worse. I had 2 bottles of diet coke with dinner.

Then for the rest of the evening I made my way through one of those cinema sized packets of Maltesers. Totally mindless eating.

About an hour after going to bed at 10pm I woke up in pain, I guessed I would, and it lasted till after I left for work this morning. I got no sleep, walking around eased things a bit, but lying down hurt too much. I could manage on my left side for a while but even that was very uncomfortable. It feels like labour pain but under where my ribs meet.

To cap it all off the cat thought I'd come downstairs to see her and I snapped at her for repeatedly getting under my feet while I was trying to not be sick. She's a sweetheart but when I'm in pain like this - that I caused myself - I can't deal with anything else.

My GP just tells me to lose weight, I told him I'm a compulsive eater and don't know how to change but he had no interest.

I don't know what causes the pain, and I don't really know how to help myself stop this...

Musicaltheatremum Wed 31-May-17 19:00:07

I use food as a comfort. It's really hard. There is counselling available. I've just started some to help me look at why I do this. It's crazy though. I will stuff my face,feel I'll and horrible the next day. But I'm getting better. I'm lucky I can afford private counselling but I know not everyone can. I'm a GP to so have a lot of sympathy.

XiCi Sat 03-Jun-17 08:44:18

The pain will be indigestion, it can be agony.

Is there any way you can access a different GP who may be more receptive to referring you for counselling?

FaithAgain Sat 03-Jun-17 08:48:20

I highly recommend brain over binge It has really helped me challenge the binging habit I had.

ofudginghell Sat 03-Jun-17 08:52:54

Could you not request a different gp?
One that's more helpful.

They can refer you to a dietician as well as sign you up for slimming world where you will get taught about portion control and what to pick etc etc.
That alongside maybe some cbt could help you out if the negative mindset where foods concerned and help you to make better choices.

I think there's a lot of food eating related threads on here. It maybe a good time to look through them and get some moral support at the same time.

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