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Embarrasing spots/boils

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clevername Tue 30-May-17 21:24:43

OK, here goes...
For a long time now I have suffered (on and off) with spots/boils on my knicker line/general undercarriage area (if I’m feeling generous to the bastard things, I call it my fanny acne or facne, if you will). They are worse after any kind of hair removal (and I'm a proper hairy Mary so this is a pain) and they can sometimes turn into enormous, painful boils that require antibiotics or (on one occasion) an operation under general to lance. I've seen various doctors and nothing has really happened, although I was put on long-term mild antibiotics for a while, which did help for a time. They went on hiatus for a while after that but have since made a sporadic return.

They are definitely affected by hormones as they can get worse at hormonal times (periods etc). I am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I am having another breakout. During my last pregnancy I got a monster boil LITERALLY TWO DAYS before my due date which was untreatable because all suitable antibiotics were contraindicated. I, therefore, spent the majority of my labour having it commented on (including by the very young and handsome surgeon during my EMCS). It was so embarrassing (not least because I had to cancel my last pre-birth wax because of it and was the hairiest of Marys by the time I went in to be induced) and I felt completely betrayed by my body. I really, really, really want to avoid this again if at all possible.

As you can probably imagine, this really affects my confidence and self-esteem. I really need to get this sorted out. I have tried various things (magnesium sulphate on the bad ones, exfoliation, Tend Skin, spot treatments, not wearing knickers whenever possible, hair-removal embargo etc) but, if I’m honest, I probably do bury my head in the sand about them and just hope that they will fuck the fuck off go away. But my pregnancy, and the inevitability of having people fiddling, rummaging and, crucially, looking down there means that a) ignoring them is not an option and b) hair removal is kind of important to me. Most people dream of having the perfect birth, I dream of having a relatively spot- (and hair-) free foof.

So, have any of you experienced anything similar? If so, any idea of anything I can do? Any awesome spot remedies I could try (don’t have to be Facne-specific)?

Thanks for reading my embarrassing rant, and also for any help you might be able to offer.

clevername Wed 31-May-17 07:54:44


wheresthel1ght Wed 31-May-17 08:00:52

Yup same as you, it is generally caused by ingrowing hairs especially if you are getting them after hair removal.

I tend to manage them at home but they can be very painful.

What sort of hair removal do you do? Can you look at alternatives?

bonzo77 Wed 31-May-17 08:12:06

Avoid hair removal: it too makes me spotty. I use a beard trimmer to trim it all to a few mm long. Looks / feels better without the irritation. Have you tried antiseptic washes? Salt in the bath water? Hibiscrub (only on the outside, don't get it on the mucus membranes). Also gentle exfoliation to prevent ingrowns: you could use a muslin or one of those shower puff things.

You need to be checked for diabetes as boils can be a sign. Long term tetracyclines antibiotics might help, but not if pregnant or breastfeeding.

In terms of hair removal: laser or ipl. I suffered with the boils in my arm pits and had them lasered about 15 years ago. Still get the odd lumpy bit but only 1 or so a year and never that bad.

clevername Wed 31-May-17 08:50:06

Thanks so much for your replies.
Waxing is best for me (pulling the hair from the root seems preferable to cutting it at skin level) but for a variety of reasons haven't been able to get one for a while. I've been using depilatory cream recently (haven't used this for years) and I'm guessing this might be why I'm having the breakout. sad Thing is, I tried not removing the hair for years but I still got a few of the bloody things and I felt miserable being so hairy... So I decided that I was going to at least get rid of the hair, seeing as I could control that. Might save up for laser...

I've used a beard trimmer but it doesn't really do it for me... I've got thick, dark hair and I really am amazingly hairy. Hair grows at the top of my thighs, beyond my actual knicker line and it's not a good look, even if they are trimmed really short.

I've been tested for diabetes before but think it might be worth another go at this. And I've had the antibiotics you mention, which did do the trick for a while, but obviously aren't an option atm.

I used a savlon spray for a while, but no other antiseptic washes, or salt in bath - will give these a try, thanks.

Thanks again for your help.

Ollivander84 Wed 31-May-17 23:04:17

Hidradenitis Supprativa. I have it in my groin and also one armpit

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