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No period after ERPC and have convinced myself it's ashermans

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PlayOnWurtz Tue 30-May-17 08:29:36

I'm a very anxious person!

I had mmc at 9 weeks on 27th March with a delayed (due to NHS errors) ERPC on 3rd April. I had a day of spotting a couple of weeks later then nothing since. This was my 5th miscarriage.

I'm off to the gp today to discuss but I'm in my late-mid 30s so I cant be hanging around waiting for diagnosis and treatment. Has anyone had similar? Did you find a cause? How long did it take for af to return? Following the other 4 mc's my cycle reset very quickly, this is the only one I've had surgically managed and that was so they could test the baby for genetic and other abnormalities

sufferingicecakes Tue 30-May-17 11:39:13

Yes, I have a very similar history and was 38 at the time. My AF went AWOL after an ERPC and mmc at 12 weeks. I had 5 or more miscarriages but this particular miscarriage was the one that affected me the most and as a consequence my hormones did not 're-set'. I do think it takes a while for hormones to get back to 'normal' the longer the pregnancy continues and until that happens you do not ovulate. I remember having spotting. I was put on clomid to help my cycle re-appear but I would not recommend as that did not work and I think my cycle eventually reappeared after 3 months.

I remember it as a time of hideous worry - the foetus was tested, and we had to go through several appointments to discuss results, next steps etc. I think that all added to the problems with the cycle.

I did get my baby however, he is now 12 and it all seems so distant now. Ironically, just before we were about to 'give up', by now, very early 40s, we conceived whilst on holiday and whilst feeling the most relaxed I had in years!

Best wishes to you.

PlayOnWurtz Tue 30-May-17 23:18:23

Thanks for your reply and I'm sorry you understand the worry.

I saw my gp today and was told to go away unless they don't reappear within 6 months. I Don't have 6 months to wait if it is something serious that needs treating. He seemed so dismissive

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