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Any medics?- Acute Intestinal Ischemia

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LovelyBath77 Mon 29-May-17 20:54:25

I've had bowel obstructions in the past due to adhesions in the small intestine, but one time was different. Think I had an infection / abscess after my first surgery, but not too sure exactly what happened, needed emergency surgery in the night. It said on the discharge summary Acute Intestinal Ischemia and Small Bowel Obstruction. Would this mean it was caused by adhesions or something else? Please if someone could explain I'd be grateful. Many thanks PS it needed a bowel resection then another one a few weeks later, about a metre of small bowel in total.

SlB09 Wed 31-May-17 01:16:39

Possibly, ischemia just means a section of your bowel was 'dead', it had no blood supply thus had to be removed (or it could quickly make you very poorly). Can be caused by adhesions but also other things so without speaking to the surgeon who saw,what was in there its difficult to know for sure.

LovelyBath77 Wed 31-May-17 11:52:00

Ok, thanks. It also said closed loop obstruction so presumably that was the cause- they resected the section involved, then had another emergency op in a different hospital a few weeks later to resect ischaemic bowel again. Very busy and miles from home, didn't get the discharge summary. Have a new surgeon now maybe I should get him to get the details. Think is recurrent SBO (small bowel obstruction) they think due to adhesions.

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