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Varicose veins in hot weather

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LovelyBath77 Mon 29-May-17 16:52:46

Any ideas, as support socks and tights are too warm?

Pollyanna9 Mon 29-May-17 17:03:26

Crikey I'm not sure. The only thing that I can offer is from watching Grow Your Own Drugs (no, not THAT kind of drugs Lovely!!) - this poor woman had really bad ones and she used this horse chestnut ointment and had great results (where stuff from prescription hadn't worked). You make the tincture of horse chestnut for the sole purpose of being able to use it in the ointment (you do NOT drink the tincture).

Anyway, if it's of any interest/help, here's the details:

20 conkers
500 ml vodka
1. Blend the conkers and vodka in a liquidizer until smooth.
2. Place in a sterilized bottle and keep in a cool dark place for 10 days to 1 month, shaking every day or so. Strain before using. STORAGE: Keeps for up to 1 year. NB This tincture is only to be used to make the Horse Chestnut Gel (see below), and must not be taken internally.

3 sachets vegetable gelatine
150 ml water
150 ml Horse Chestnut Tincture
5 drops lavender oil
1. Add the vegetable gelatine to 150 ml cold water in a pan and whisk until dissolved. Heat for about 2 minutes, whisking constantly. As the mix starts to thicken, slowly pour in the Horse Chestnut Tincture a little at a time. Add the lavender oil.
2. Pour into a 250 ml sterilized bottle. USE: Try a 24-hour patch test before using (horse chestnut can irritate). Apply to affectedareas twice daily, or as often as required.
STORAGE The gel keeps for 3 months in the refrigerator.

Of course, it's not autumn so you may not bet any conkers! Maybe you could find an organic horse chestnut ointment/gel from somewhere online....

If all else fails, just drink the vodka that's meant for the tincture instead!

SoftlyCatchyMonkey1 Mon 29-May-17 17:05:29

Unfortunately there's not much you can do, apart from getting them treated or wearing compression stockings. You can get below knee compression stockings which is more tolerable than the above knee ones.

marriednotdead Mon 29-May-17 17:15:16

I usually wear skinny jeans pretty much every day. Having switched to a skirt in the warm weather, my legs really ached and I belatedly realised that my jeans were acting as compression tights!

As my VV are mainly around my knees, I've been wearing longer/ Maxi skirts to hide my tubigripped legs.

LovelyBath77 Tue 30-May-17 07:31:39

I guess I wondered if there were toeless or footless type socks or tights..

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