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Being pricked to death -HELP!!

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LastSummerWine Sun 28-May-17 18:06:27

So I had keyhole surgery two weeks ago. I've got 3 spiky things poking out of my belly button from being sewn up (forgotten what they're called) they are supposed to just dissolve and drop off according to he surgeon. I've been healing really well, only problem is the spiky sutures have not dropped off! They are now picking me in the skin and I can't sit or like down without them pricking me all day. I fingered them a bit and I can't pull them off as they were clipped into my skin.

What do I do now? If I go back to the hospital I can't seeow they will remove them without going back under anastethic and cutting me open again. What do I do? They're pricking me to death.

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sun 28-May-17 18:14:23

Do you mean staples? Or dissolvable stitches? I would go back to be honest, if they are through the skin I'm sure they can remove them without putting you under GA.

LastSummerWine Sun 28-May-17 18:16:32

I think they must be dissolvable stitches, as the surgeon said they will 'dissolve'. Do you have any idea how long it's meant to take for them to dissolve?

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sun 28-May-17 18:23:32

Not sure, it would depend on the type of thread they used. If they are bothering you though (and the wound is otherwise healing fine) I would get them taken out. If you don't want to go back to the hospital then maybe the GP/practice nurse?

LastSummerWine Sun 28-May-17 18:28:40

Thanks. I'll wait I think till next week and if no improvement go to the GP.

fannydaggerz Sun 28-May-17 18:29:46

Did they use a plastic stitch? They do go away after time but it takes a while.

LastSummerWine Sun 28-May-17 18:41:15

I don't k ow. But they look like very thin and are wiry. They feel spiky to touch.

Mamabear14 Sun 28-May-17 19:13:53

Years ago when I had my appendix out they told me I had dissolvable stitches. I was 11 so didn't know any different. About 6 weeks later this big blue stitch was still there and got infected and made me ill. I wouldn't give it that long before checking!

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