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Side Effects From LEEP/LLETZ procedure

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kolakoala Fri 26-May-17 09:00:33

Hi everyone, I was wondering if any women here have had the LEEP/LLETZ procedure done? I had this 12 years ago, and was completely devastated by the side effects. I lost my sex drive, my orgasms were weaker, and I had pelvic pain. And now, although I've done lots to help me recover I'm still dealing with it.

Well, I always thought this happened because my body just had a weird freak reaction to a minor treatment, which is what i was always told the LEEP was. Then I read an article by a woman online who had the same thing happen to her.

As I read and research more I'm hearing about women having horrible side effects that doctors never warn them about, and that they often won't admit are caused by the LEEP. I started a blog to tell my story, and also an online facebook support group. There's now a Doctor in the US researching this procedure, and how it sometimes destroys women's sexual function, because the cervix is involved in orgasm (although many doctors aren't up to date on their research and don't know that!)

If anyone's had the LEEP and is struggling with side effects, and wants to connect to the support group, then feel free to send a pm.

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