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Should he have looked in my nose?

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MyMorningHasBroken Thu 25-May-17 17:06:49

Hi all, I've been having really bad nasal stuffiness, with really hard blood mixed mucous. My nose was very sore and swollen the day before yesterday and I also had lymph node swelling for about a week prior to this. I've had blood on wiping most days and the inside on my nose is raw and very uncomfortable. I've not had any colds or sore throats ect with this.
I went to see primary care physician today as couldn't get a Dr's appointment. Had temp and blood pressure take. He said it could be an infection but as I didn't have sinus symptoms around eyes/head ect, I was probably at the end of it.
Well, I've never really had headaches with this and the problem seems more local to my nose. I had thought it might be an infection actually in my nasal area.
Anyway, I went away happy that it wasn't any biggy. Then realised he hadn't actually looked in or at my nose at all,.I think he assuming it was my sinuses.
Anyway, Should he have looked in my nose where the symptoms are or can I be confident in his diagnosis?

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