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Still sore 7 months post EMCS - is that normal?

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kingfishergreen Wed 24-May-17 07:19:35

I had an EMCS in October last year. It was a category 1 one, so DD was out within six minutes. I don't know if the speed would have made a difference.

I healed well on the outside and only have a tiny white scar, but in the inside I still feel 'wrong'.


I can feel a hard mass (with my hands) under the flesh but I can only feel it when I stand up. The mass seems to be all the way across my lower abdomen.

General ache around hips and lower abdomen - especially when I get up from sitting down.

Occasional burning pain behind belly button. Very short lived (seconds) and usually when I'm lying down.

Twisting/ache down either side of my low abdomen (instinctively feels like my Fallopian tubes).

Very numb a good three inches above scar.

I've had an ultrasound which was unclear but showed nothing worrying.

Periods are heavy but regular.

I was overweight pre pregnancy (BMI 30) and remain very podgy on my lowest tummy (that bastard apron is immovable).

Is this just how it is? Or should I keep taking up the GPs time to say that I feel 'weird'?

MrsD28 Wed 24-May-17 08:41:21

Definitely not normal - see your GP! I had a category 1 EMCS last year as well, and the pain only lasted for the first few weeks. The numbness is normal though - it should gradually get better. But the pain is definitely not!

kingfishergreen Wed 24-May-17 11:44:28

Thanks MrsD I've seen them a couple of times but they seem to dismiss it. I don't want to be a doctor-sapper - but maybe I need to be more emphatic that I know my body and it feels wrong enough for me to worry about.

IWantAWittyUsername Wed 24-May-17 12:07:35

That doesn't sound right OP! I would keep pushing for more investigations into what these symptoms could be caused by. Don't feel like you shouldn't - you shouldn't put up with discomfort if it can be treated.
I had a category 2 EMCS 2 years ago and apart from soreness for the first few weeks and numbness of the scar/surrounding area for a good few months I had no issues. I've just had a category 4 EMCS (essentially I had a planned CS but as I went into labour early and quickly it turned into an "emergency") and despite the scar looking great on the outside, they said the scar tissue inside was far more extensive than they were expecting and spent a lot of time "sorting it out" confused before they could delivery my baby!
Good luck!

IWantAWittyUsername Wed 24-May-17 12:08:26

*deliver my baby!

BurntBum Wed 24-May-17 12:12:29

The mass you mention makes me wonder if it's an incisional hernia. However this should have been picked up in an ultrasound. I think it would be worth going back to your GP.

kingfishergreen Wed 24-May-17 14:32:19

Good tip on the incisional hernia Burnt it could well be that - I've googled (thank you Dr Google, for once you don't say I'm dying) and the symptoms marry-up. And frankly I might not notice if a hernia is bulging as it'd be hidden by the dreaded fat-apron of doom.

I have a doc appt tomorrow about something unrelated, I'll bring it up then.

alittlebittrashed Wed 24-May-17 16:28:10

I'm in the same situation, 6 months after section. I saw an osteopath recently for mid back pain who said my whole abdomen seems to be in shock - like it's tensed up after a punch and not relaxed out of it yet. There are two bands of muscle that run down the side (the pain you are thinking in your Fallopian tubes) when he pressed them on me I couldn't move my legs it was agony! Also stops you pooping properly, tmi sorry. My hips have seized up, my pelvis is tilted backwards, my scar hurts inside my belly, not the incision at the bikini line, from being stretched because of the tilt in my pelvis. He was very helpful, I left feeling great. I've got three appts booked to work on these problems, only problem is it's expensive.

FrancesHaHa Wed 24-May-17 16:35:13

I had pains for about a year after section - a bit like a 'stinging nettle' pain, but also quite sharp at times. Also the twisting pain on one side. Went to the doctors a few times. They did an ultra scan and also checked for a hernia.

In the end all tests were clear and GP couldn't work out what it was. About a year after the section the pain went.

On reflection I think I did too much too soon after the section.

Definately persist with the doctors. It was frustrating not knowing what it was, but at least it felt like the GP was trying all avenues.

kingfishergreen Wed 24-May-17 16:44:10

alittlebit that's really useful information, the side pain stops me from pooping properly too, like I don't want to 'strain' as it strains that area... that really is TMI! I really rate osteopathy, it's helped me out with various aches and pains over the years. I'll look into that.

Frances that's so reassuring! I get the sharp twangs too - I presumed it was my nerves re-connecting and firing, which it may well be.

I'll see the GP again and look into osteopathy. Thanks all!

kingfishergreen Mon 29-May-17 22:40:38

I saw the GP again, she had a root around (the apron of doom) and agreed it felt like it could be a hernia. I'm booked in to the hernia clinic at a private hospital in two weeks time. Apparently I need to go to A&E if it hurts in the meantime (in case it's strangulating something awful inside me).

NB: I didn't choose / pay-for a private hosp, NHS GPs can send their overflow to private hospitals if it's deemed urgent and the waiting times for NHS hospitals are too long.

Thanks all, esp. BurntBum for giving me a steer. I could easily have ignored it for another seven months.

BurntBum Wed 31-May-17 17:44:55

Glad I could be of help and that you are getting seen so quickly. I had a strangulated hernia and that was not fun!

kingfishergreen Thu 01-Jun-17 07:17:34

burntBum if it was strangulated/strangulating I'd know about it, right? I presume there'd be heaps of pain, rather than general low-level discomfort?

BurntBum Thu 01-Jun-17 21:38:44

Yes, don't worry you would definitely know it was strangulating. I had severe pain and vomiting large volumes each time my bowel strangulated.

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