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Stomach problems linked to lack of sleep?

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Jellyboobs Wed 24-May-17 06:46:10


For the past couple of weeks I've been sleeping badly, unable to get to sleep until after midnight, waking up at 5.50, and then lo wakes up around 6.30. I've not felt like eating but have been forcing down a couple of small meals a day, fruit and boiled eggs kind of thing. I've got a really bad belly, for the last couple of days, aching, rumbling, loads of gas blush
Could they be connected?

Runninglife Wed 24-May-17 12:03:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jellyboobs Wed 24-May-17 21:05:44

Oooo, thanks for that!
Just general rundown ness, but that's possibly lurg caught from oh.
Are you on anything to get rid of them?

Snugglepalace Thu 25-May-17 16:08:22

I've had IBS for years and often find that my symptoms are much worse when I have a bad night's sleep. I'm not sleeping well at the mo and have constant gas, trapped wind, rumbles and gurgling and generally not feeling great in the digestive area!

peachypips Fri 26-May-17 14:42:56

I have a bug that is just as you describe- not sleeping very well, no appetite, tummy ache, a bit dizzy and very fatigued.

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