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Why do I keep dropping things?

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ProfPlumInTheLibrary Tue 23-May-17 20:53:29

I'm not completely sure this is a health issue, it's just as I say, I keep dropping things. I've always been a bit clumsy (walk into things a lot) but I've never dropped things like this.

I keep spilling drinks, dropping whatever is in my hand. Just dropped my phone which is what prompted me to post this. It's happening an awful lot. Haven't had any pain that I can think of, it's more like my brain isn't telling my hand to grip or something. I don't know, it's really odd. Any ideas?

KingIrving Wed 24-May-17 04:40:35

Go and see a GP. You might mention you wish to exclude MS

pitterpatterrain Wed 24-May-17 05:51:31

100% go to GP asap

Is it that you let go of things if you aren't actively paying attention? How is doing up your bra?

If they suggest CT / MRI please go

spacecowboy99 Wed 24-May-17 05:56:41

I do this a lot too. Like you, I've always been clumsy but found since kids it's been much worse at the sleepless times. I must admit I've just written it off of part of the bone crushing exhaustion of small non-sleeping DC.

If there's no explanation like this, the pp advice to see GP may be wise.

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