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Advice plz

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Alicejj8x Mon 22-May-17 21:29:23

Hello... first off I am unsure if this is the right feed so if not I apologise ...
I have irregular periods one every 3 months and I've been getting norethisterone tablets from the doctors since jan ( on and off).. I take 3 tablets every day for 10 days and then after I finished taking them I come on my period ... which has been fine and have been working..

Last Wednesday the 10th I was due to be on but obv where my body doesn't have regular periods I knew I wouldn't be on so i was meant to take my tablet then but I just thought id leave it a week as I thought give my body a chance anyway- I had one box of tablets left to take anyway so I took one tablet this Wednesday 17th just one and then worried myself as me and my partner are TTC so he said to me could I be pregnant which I had already tested for and it was negative but he worried me and said don't take anymore of the tablets untill I've got a blood test from the doctors. So anyway this Friday 19th! I came on my period! Could it of been that one tablet I took or could it of been my body actually sorting itself out?!

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