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Something is wrong with my left boob and I am worried

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ACurlyWurly Mon 22-May-17 14:56:22

it has taken me over a week and half to get an appointment with my GP and I am due to go on Thursday.
I have had itching around my nipple for months and have mostly ignored it, now the skin is puckered, my skin is warm and has a rash, my nipple is sore, I have shooting pains in my armpit and my breast is aching and sensitive.
Now I have acknowledged that there might be something amiss and actively started trying to see a doctor I am suddenly imagining the worst.
I know that there is probably nothing really wrong but I am in a mini meltdown, the more I tell myself its ok the more I start to panic.
I feel so stupid as there is nothing to really worry about at the moment but I am freaking out.
Not sure why I am posting, maybe I just need to be told it is ok to worry or that its nothing

Pradaqueen Mon 22-May-17 15:00:49

It's ok to worry flowers I do wish you all the best and good news from the appointment. There may be some other explanation but you must go and get it checked out.

Fcukthetww Mon 22-May-17 15:03:17

It sounds like mastitis rather than anything sinister, which is what I presume you're worrying about. I hope all goes well for you OP xx

ACurlyWurly Mon 22-May-17 15:17:07

Fcuk, I was under the opinion that mastitis was only when breastfeeding, I will have a look at the NHS site and see about treatments.
I am 43 and mother to a 17 yr old so didnt think of that

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Mon 22-May-17 15:24:53

Mastitis can occur in non-breastfeeding women, the itching around your nipple could have allowed an infection to occur in the breast tissue. Try not to panic just yet.

ACurlyWurly Mon 22-May-17 15:36:45

Hell (love your name) making me feel calmer, I can cope with the idea of an infection.
That's probably it! I will pull my savings out ready for a prescription!

(Positive mental attitude!)
((still worried really))

Fcukthetww Tue 23-May-17 09:51:04

You'll be fine OP. Anyone can get mastitis and it can be brewing for quite a while before the full blown symptoms kick in which would explain your itchy nip. Best of luck at the doctors but be prepared for them to refer you for testing anyway- think it's standard procedure these days

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Thu 25-May-17 09:15:19

Good luck today Curly I hope you hear reassuring news.

ACurlyWurly Thu 25-May-17 11:03:09

Thank you Hell, I have managed to convince myself I am worrying about absolutely nothing (to the point where this morning I considered cancelling but realised that is just denial and wont stop me worrying long term or fix whats wrong!) but my OH has said she is coming with me and taking me out for coffee and cake afterwards

MollyHuaCha Thu 25-May-17 11:25:32

Good luck smile

olderthanyouthink Thu 25-May-17 12:17:57

Good luck

Boob stuff can be unnecessarily scary, these days, but most of the time it's nothing major.

ACurlyWurly Fri 26-May-17 10:17:52

so ass expected I have been referred to the clinic, however my mind has been put at rest. Nothing sinister but having a little check to see what it could be. I love our NHS!
Thank you all for your kind words, especially those who returned to wish me well.
Waiting for appointment now....tick tock tick tock!

Pradaqueen Sun 28-May-17 07:59:23

Good luck curlywurly! Fingers crossed for you

MrsMozart Sun 28-May-17 08:03:21

All bendy bits crossed lass. Glad you're more settled and going to get checked.

ACurlyWurly Tue 13-Jun-17 09:21:59

hey all, just a little updat, I have been to my appointment and they have taken a biopsy so just waiting for results on Thursday now.
Dont think I need to worry though
Thank you again for your support x

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