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Hope anyone can help please 💝

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Lyndsaym111 Fri 19-May-17 14:06:14

This is long but hope someone can help .... So back in 2015 when I had my second girl by c section .. my periods were all over the place I would sometimes have 2 or even 3 a month heavy and painful , I would bleed after sex .... The doctors told me to wait until my first smear so before my 25th birthday I got sent out a appointment to go for my smear ... It came back abnormal they didn't seam to worried but because of my bleeding and pain they referred me to hospital .... While waiting (it's been months) I think I feel pregnant well i felt very strange and took a test it was a very faint positive then next day I took another and was still faint but a bit darker could definitely see a line ... So all my symptoms made sence then two days after taking the test I begin bleeding after a quite sharp pain , it was bright red and lasted for about three to four days ... I didn't see a doctor as it happened all very quick and I was so overwhelmed and scared I had misscarried I would only if been about 2 to three weeks so very early .... When I stopped bleeding I took a few tests and they are all negative and my boobs and stuff have stopped hurting so I just thought it could be a chemical pregnancy after doing some research ... Any how this was last month and ever since I've still got period like pains and I'm freaking out what It could be so many things are going through my head like cervical cancer , fibroids I am so worried and have an appointment booked next week at the hospital so hope to get to the bottom of feeling so rubbish I am so tired or being tired !!! Anyone else have this or something similar can you help with experience please 💝

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