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worried about neighbours health/heart/anxiety?

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libbyliz83 Thu 18-May-17 20:22:02

Neighbour popped in earlier to ask for a lift in morning, she stayed for a cuppa. She's not felt too good the last two days - general fatigue etc. She went to work today, she admits she was stressed as they were understaffed and it's been really warm today. She's 35, generally well but overweight and suffers from anxiety. About a month ago she said she had some chest pains but said she went to docs and all was OK. Heart rate and blood pressure normal. She had an anxiety attack after work today, she said it was only a small one but has felt unwell since. She went to doctors today after the anxiety attack for the general unwellness and is seeing the nurse tomorrow for routine blood tests - she didn't mention the anxiety attack to the doctor. She had another anxiety attack while talking to me about her health. She couldn't catch her breath, said her chest was tight and was crying. After a few mins it passed and she went back to normal. I have seen her have an anxiety attack before and it was just the same except it usually lasts longer and I've never known her have two in one day. I took her pulse during and after the attack as she says it helps her focus - it was 66/min during and 45/min after which surely can't be right? I must have counted wrong. She had normal colour apart from a slight flush to her cheeks. She said she did feel a bit lightheaded. She went home a few minutes after saying she felt fine apart from a little 'flutter' in her chest which she says she will mention tomorrow to the nurse. She isn't alone tonight but should I be worried? Would you do something tonight or let her wait until tomorrow? If it's her heart, will it show up on routine bloods tests?

wineandsunshine Fri 19-May-17 09:11:35

It sounds like extreme anxiety. I would ask her if she wants you to go to the GP with her for support. You can mention her heart flutters and they can do an ECG at most practices for reassurance.

Hopefully they will check her over and talk to her about their anxiety.

libbyliz83 Fri 19-May-17 12:13:06

I went with her this morning instead of just dropping her off. She said she had barely slept with chest tightness all night then had another anxiety attack while talking to the nurse so they brought in a doctor. You're right, they have diagnosed severe anxiety. All her blood preassure etc is normal. Heart rate was fast but settled when they took her through some calming techniques and breathing exercises. They've given her 20mg citralopram for the anxiety and 2mg twice a day of diazapam to manage until it kicks in. They've set her up with 'let's talk' to start CBT to give her coping mechanisms, they literally rang and made her an appointment while she was there. She has her initial assessment on Monday. They still did the blood tests just to rule out anything else (stop her worrying) and told her not to go into work today.
I'm staying with her today and doing a few house chores while she rests until her kids come home. I didn't let on to her but I don't mind admitting, she scared me shitless!

gonegrey56 Fri 19-May-17 12:19:08

What a kind and supportive neighbour you are. Good for you . Your help has also enabled her to get the medical support she needs that with luck will help resolve her anxiety. flowers

libbyliz83 Fri 19-May-17 12:26:31

Thank you. I don't really know her that well, we were just acquaintances really but her doctors is on the way back from school run and needed the help. I think maybe she's a little isolated and got scared that she was ill so reached out more than she normally would. I'm a single mum who spends a lot of time alone so helping her would help me too in a way.

wineandsunshine Fri 19-May-17 12:43:11

Aww that was great that you went along for support.
Fingers crossed she starts to feel an improvement soon - as a fellow anxiety sufferer I know how awful it can get. Her GP sounds great so that's a positive too. smile

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