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IBS help please.

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DextersMistress Thu 18-May-17 10:13:20

I've recently been diagnosed with IBS after years of problems, the main one being chronic constipation.

I'm apparently having a bad flare up which I'm 100% sure is stress related. I'm 11 days in to Labour pain-like cramps which led to the diagnosis and nothing is helping. I have diarrhoea (quite novel after years of constipation) and just generally feel like shit.

The pains take my breath away, I'm starving but eating makes it worse and buscopan is barely scratching the surface.

Any advice to get me through this flare up please?

giddyasakipper Thu 18-May-17 10:15:54

Hot mint tea and a heat pad has always helped with my IBS cramps! None of the medicines ever worked for me unfortunately.

charliebear78 Thu 18-May-17 11:07:43

Hi I have been told I have IBS also-and have suffered on and for 10 plus years.
This last two years however my pain as lasted for several days(like you can last from a day, to over a week)
I went to see a specialist as I became quite worried, He told me most pain meds act more as a placebo.
He recommended Flaxseeds for extra fibre-to keep me regular.
Low dose of Anti Ds are meant to help with the pain.
He also recommended the FODMAP diet which I have been trying-it is quite limited-but you can eventually reintroduce foods back and see what you'r triggers are(if any-it does not work for everyone,but supposedly something like 70% of people with IBS say it helps them)
I (touch wood) have not had any stomach pain really since trying it(though I do slip and have some of the foods I should not so I am not very strict with it! the only things I have cut out entirely are wheat and using de-caf t-bags)
Oh, and probiotics are meant to help also.(tablet form)
HTHs it is a real bitch to have.

Spam88 Thu 18-May-17 11:36:57

Peppermint tea and lots of heat.

When my pains are really bad the only thing that'll touch them is ibuprofen and codeine, but you probably want to avoid codeine if your problem is generally constipation.

Spam88 Thu 18-May-17 11:38:00

Also I can understand not wanting to eat, but I get quite bad pains if I eat after going too long without food. Have you tried eating little and often or is that causing you pain?

DextersMistress Thu 18-May-17 16:46:17

Thank you.

Dp is bringing me a hot water bottle and I'll try the peppermint.

I'm planning on doing a good diary once this pain has eased because at the minute simply everything is setting it off. I don't even need to have eaten, it's waking me 2-3 times a night sad

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