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Problems with Noriday (norethisterone) - should I worry?

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pinkpanda101 Thu 18-May-17 09:42:47

Looking for reassurance or advice here please

I'd been taking the Loestrin pill for about 10 years, no problems, GP said it's fine till I'm about 50 (I'm 48 now). My withdrawal bleed has been pretty much non-existent for the last year so I presumed I was heading into menopause.

Saw a different GP 6 weeks ago for my repeat prescription and he said my BMI was too high (30.5) for Loestrin, despite no other risk factors (low BP, no smoking, reasonably fit, excercise a lot, no family history etc). And prescribed the Noriday instead.

I believe this is the pill given to girls to help them avoid a period for holidays/school trips? And the GP said there's no bleeding because there's no withdrawal period.

I am half way through my second pack, and my side effects are horrible! Had excruciating breast pain/tenderness for about a fortnight. And now that's gone, I have period pain (cramping) and am bleeding! Not red blood, more like clots and old lining.

Please tell me this is just a one-off and the body getting used to the new pill....I feel like a moody teenager angry

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