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Stomach cramps 3 days after bug

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Sprog19 Thu 18-May-17 08:36:11

Caught stomach bug from DS2 and spent Monday feeling horrendously sick but no actual vomiting ( this is pretty normal for me - I don't seem to be sick any more, just feel extremely nauseous). Tues and Wed felt washed out / no appetite but by Wed lunchtime felt like toast and enjoyed it, so had plain rice for dinner. This morning have woken with stomach cramps as if I'm going to have diarrhoea but haven't yet. Not sure if this is a normal part of recovery or the lurgy is coming back? Really could do without this right now!

PollyPerky Thu 18-May-17 22:21:31

Normal. I have had stomach cramps for up to 2 weeks after bad tummy bugs. Groaning type pains after eating or drinking anything even when the runs had stopped.
Get well soon.

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