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Any Physio's out there?

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Hayels Wed 17-May-17 19:16:22

Have had a trapped nerve in my shoulder for about 6 weeks now, driving me mad! Dr diagnosed 'cervical radiculopathy' and gave anti-inflamatories and a couple of different painkillers, and said she expects to see me a few more times before it's sorted sad
Have been seeing a private physio who has done a kind of sports massage but I've not really any idea if it's helping!
Anyway, I'm fairly into fitness and try to do a lot of different exercises to keep on top of my weight but I'm finding myself now really limited in what I can do- physio has said no running, swimming, press ups, sit ups, planks, and I can feel myself beginning to blob out!! Exercise is important to me for my mental health too so I'm really looking for new ideas of what I can do while my shoulder/back/neck/arm recovers - could be months!!

Hayels Fri 19-May-17 10:53:04


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