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Perfume allergy

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user1465146157 Tue 16-May-17 23:52:35

over the past year (since i got pregnant) I've had a real aversion to scented chemical things such as certain fragrances, deodorants, polish, cleaning sprays. I also feel the same about cigarette smoke but guess thats more common. Only my reaction to it is one of actual anger as it bothers me so much!

All the above make me feel a bit sick and give me a burning in my chest.

Is this in my head? Its defintely been worse since i got pregnant and now my baby is 3 months old.

I complain every morning when my husband sprays deodorant and i think he just thinks i dislike the smell but i feel like its an actual medical problem or allergy.

Chemical products cause me to feel like i have restricted breathing.

Is this a real thing and does anyone else feel like this?


YesEinsteinsMumDid Tue 16-May-17 23:58:30

Can be real. We are a family of severe asthmatics and things like spray deodorant and perfumes are banned from the house. My poor sister once forgot when she came to visit. It didn't end well. 1 asthma attack later and a quick shopping trip for some roll on for her.

A lot of the cleaning products set my asthma off. It is amazing how well the traditional cleaning products (bicarb of soda etc) can work. We find alternatives and work around but because of the severity of asthma visiting family members are request to be considerate with their spray usage when visiting. They are very understanding as many have seen the consequences. So we are lucky with that.

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