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Ulcers "down there"

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FlamingoFlower Tue 16-May-17 12:59:03

I've been having major pain in my fanjo for about 8 months now - started off as a UTI, then they found my hormones were out of whack which they thought was causing the pain but hormones were corrected and I stil had pain.

I've seen several gynaecologists and a GUM clinic who couldn't understand where my pain was coming from, I told them I noticed several sores/ulcers just inside the opening but they insisted they couldn't see anything.

I then went back to my GP who said she could indeed see these ulcers and that she thinks its herpes!

She took a swab which came back negative and put me on aclomivar (SP?) and said if pain and ulcers go away then yep its herpes.

Well pain and ulcers haven't gone and I cant get back to see her for 2 weeks so what else could it be??

I've been on stacks of antibiotics over the past 6 months as they thought my pain was a stubborn UTI which I initially had.

I googled herpes but from what I can make out these ulcers start off as blisters, then turn to ulcers and then form scabs but either way it should have gone away in 6 months time or at least had some relief from it and I've not had blisters or scabs just ulcers...

Anyone had anything similar??

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