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Bleeding after Orgasm? (copper IUD)

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user1479497126 Tue 16-May-17 09:41:52

Here we go again, another issue with my Copper IUD... 🙄

Had mine in since January this year (so 4.5 months) and the cycles have been really far apart (40-50 days) with light spotting/pink discharge in between them.

Currently on CD 32 and a couple of days ago, I started to spot dark brown blood, only after clitoral masturbation. At first I thought "Oh great, my Cycles finally settling down!", however I didn't spot at all yesterday until the evening, after me and my BF did the deed (again, just clitoral masturbation), and spotted more red blood.
It's freaking me about, because I can't find anything online about it apart from "Get to a doctor" which obviously sends my health anxiety into overdrive.

I had a doctors appointment around 5 weeks ago to get my cervix checked and everything was fine and I got told to give it the 6 months (so until July).

Should I just accept that pretty much anything goes for the first 6 months? Or should I go back?

user1479497126 Tue 16-May-17 17:51:54

Anyone at all??

I hadn't spotted all day, but just had some "me time" to see if it would happen, and it has again 😩😩😩

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