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What age and what symptoms did u have during the change?

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Foreverhopeful22 Tue 16-May-17 07:32:36

I've been trying for baby number two for ages.

I have had cysts etc and now only have one tube and one ovary.

But for nearly 9 months my periods are completely irregular I can go 9 weeks with no period then 8 days between them.

I'm 40 in November. My doctor said that bloods etc look normal and a scan showed nothing untoward.

I'm thinking it might be the change but doctor completely dismisses this.

Can you tell me what your symptoms were and what happened with your periods

I'm so confused

sufferingicecakes Tue 16-May-17 08:54:04

Unfortunately, I was dismissed too when I went to see my GP. I started getting symptoms at 35 when my periods got closer together. I was very tired, ached, and my hair started to thin. Later I got night sweats, but only occasionally. I also started to get more headaches. Finally, before they petered out entirely, my periods got further apart.

I did actually get pg after the hot sweats started, and infact, once I was on HRT! So all is not lost but I think you need some answers.

It is difficult to get a good idea of your hormones and whether you are in perimenopause when your periods are irregular as it has to be taken on day 3 of your cycle and when they are erratic you can get some funny readings. I had the Toni Weschler book -'Taking charge of your fertility' and used to take temps to find out if I was ovulating.

It is good that the scan looked normal - unfortunately, mine showed small ovaries! A good indicator that my ovarian reserve was diminishing. Are n't there fertility tests that you can take now, showing ovarian reserve? Otherwise, it might be worth seeing a fertility clinic.

Best of luck.

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