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Perimenopause? Early miscarriage? Something else?

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peripateticparents Mon 15-May-17 04:27:43

AF arrived early his month - about 4 days before my expected cycle, which has only been back about 5 months since I finished breastfeeding (and is currently running short - i.e. About 24 or 25 days).
All that is fine, but it's been really heavy (today is day 7 and still loads of fresh blood and clots); I've been exhausted (despite being in new city didn't go out today or yesterday) and back is really aching. It feels a lot like a miscarriage (which I have too much experience of), but given how early it is in the cycle I'm thinking it can't be). Is this some horrid perimenopause symptom (I'm mid 40s)? Something else? I'm hoping it's not going to be like this every 3 weeks for the next 5 years ...
On a different time zone so will disappear overnight shortly...

AlpacaLypse Mon 15-May-17 05:02:09

Didn't want to read and run.. sounds like could be any of these! There's some useful stuff in threads in the specific menopause topic. If it is peri menopause, it does not need to be like this - tranexamic acid may be your friend.

peripateticparents Mon 15-May-17 13:08:27

Thanks Alpaca .... I'll have a hunt around there and see if I can get a better idea.

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