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Anyone one help-Headache and leg aches

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charliebear78 Mon 15-May-17 03:44:14

Since Friday I have had an headache and the worse aching legs ever!
I do workout several times a week(and have done for a year so not new to it) and it was after this that my symptoms seemed to get worse-so possible a muscle strain.
Does this sound right?
My legs constantly ache all over-from top to bottom and actually feel better iF i am moving about.
Sleeping is not happening-as the ache drives me mad and I cannot stay still-hence why I am now downstairs on the sofa with a bag of frozen beans(to ice my legs-they are not much company!)
Sick of this pain and so sick of not having a decent nights sleep since Thursday.
Does this seem right for a muscle strain?
Not sure where the headache fits in?
Drinking lots of water and taking painkillers also.
Thanks for any help-hoping it eases off soon
Also never exercising again! thought it was meant to be good for you!!!!

fiftyplustwo Mon 15-May-17 04:46:25

The combo headache - muscle pain - regularly visitor to the gym --
it doesn't sound right. Perhaps book an appointment with your GP as soon as possible?

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