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Husband 30 min. long profusely heavy nosebleed, darker red blood color, w/ huge clots along with rapid heavy bleeding.

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thestairs Sun 14-May-17 12:38:18

Hi, I'm sorry for the longgg post ahead, and my apology for my not so good English grammars, I'm Chinese/Vietnamese and English is my third language.

Background: I'm Chinese married to a Sierra Leonean. I understand my husband's homeland Sierra Leone, working in Mining job where there concentration of hazardous gases, fumes, vapors, etc... it normal and it just something naturally in Mining.
Here in the U.S., at the age of 23 he already work in the Oilfield work with oil and gas, petroleum (crude oil). In the Oilfield facing with hazardous fumes and chemicals, carcinogens, fumes/vapors from crude oil, etc... I understand that it something naturally and it a part of his job.
He doesn't work in the oilfield anymore. But in his 8 years experience of working in these types of jobs/field (he 31 now), he always work with fuel/crude oil, hazardous chemical factories/chemical plants. He deals with Hydrofluoric acid which is corrosive, to petroleum fuel, and Fuel is highly flammable and explosive.
Fuel is what he dealing with right now. And there are just 'natural' component part of fuel and crude oil that are hazardous, carcinogens. When day by day keep directly working with it and inhale it, the posibility of having effects on your health in the long run.
And he not dealing with one gallon, but day by day he directly dealing with at 80,000 to 90,000 gallons per day. And the area where he loading those 80,000 to 90,000 gallons of fuel are filled with fumes and vapors.
Just like when you in mining or in the oilfield, you can't avoid the natural fumes and vapors that "naturally" come out of it. You will inhale 'Some' regardless, as long as you there in the area and dealing directly with it.

With his co-workers--the fuel fumes/vapors like go in their nose and can cause them to cough. Different people body reacts differently as they inhale those fumes and vapors I guess.
Now my husband doesn't cough to the fumes/vapors. But then he has occasionally nosebleeds. (I not sure if this is directly directly related to his 8 years of working in the field/the types of jobs he work).
I understand that it part of his job. His does have good Health insurance, and his doctor monitor does his health because his doctor know the type of jobs he work. Doctor do order lungs X-ray, and his last lungs X-ray is healthy, his lungs is normal, clear.
He not anemic, his last whole blood test panel and complete blood count, his red blood cells count is in the normal range. Everything else is also in the normal range.
All his health checkups everything is normal.
He has very good health. He never come down with a cold. He never get a flu shot, and never once he come down with the flu. No common cold, no flu. Heck, he doesn't even sneeze during the allergies season.

I love my husband and I want him to live healthy with me. I'm very very happy that he has good health, despite the types of jobs he work in the past 8 years.

Now to my worries.
I understand he has nosebleed before, infrequent/occasionally. BUT two weeks ago he had one nosebleed that very worry me, because it NOTHING like his other nosebleed in the past.

The thing is my husband doesn't have allergies. Doctor said he doesn't have seasonal allergies.
He doesn't have watery/itchy eyes or runny nose, he doesn't blow his nose. Heck, he doesn't even sneeze, and that is even in the high peak allergy season.
His occasionally nosebleed it not related to allergies because it bleed at any given time, regardless of which season.
And we very seldom use heater in our house. Plus when he had this nosebleed, the heater wasn't on so it not dry air.. I know people said dry sinuses can caused nosebleed, but even if it was dry sinuses then it should be bright red blood right? And it should be thinner blood right? Why is my husband's nosebleed blood the darker red color and it was thick blood too. And it bleed heavily profusely for almost 30 minutes straight before it finally stop, and it was huge clothes along with rapid heavy bleeding.

He does drink enough water, because that is all he drink all day. Just water.
He does not smoke, he does not drink, no drink beer or alcohol.

He has nosebleed before. But it NOTHING like this time.
This time his nosebleed lasted 25 minutes straight (almost half an hour)--very heavy bleeding and it bleed straight nonstop, like profusely bleeding. I use almost one whole box of Kleenex tissue, I keep get the tissue put on his nose, but it was soaking with blood, it bleed very heavy so it soak fast.
This was a big size Kleenex box tissue, the 210 ct tissues one. And I use almost all of it due to his bleeding
I look at the trash can and it was full with bloody tissues. And he still heavily bleed, 25 minutes in, and it still heavily bleeding at the rate, it doesn't ceased. I was sobbing.

And it this big size Kleenex box of tissues, the 210 ct one. It double the size of the regular box which only 120 ct. (I attach the image, top left corner).

He bleeds so much that is like his body try to clot it but it wasn't able to because the blood keep rapidly flowing out, so the clots went down the back of his throat. I saw the clots in the tissues, from his throat/mouth to the tissue. It was huge blood clots..
While he was still bleeding heavily the whole time, alot alot of blood, the color was on the darker red blood color (it was Not bright red color. Shouldn't it be bright red blood instead of darker red blood?). It was alot alot of darker red blood liquid, and there huge clots along with it.
This lasted 25 minutes. I sobbed, and sobbed. Half an hour in, and it finally STOP. It took almost 30 minutes for this nosebleed of his to stop.
Half an hour is not a short time, and it was continuous nonstop bleeding along with huge blood clots the whole time.

I dunno, but it like his body wasn't able to clot because the blood keep flowing out so much so his body couldn't clot it fast enough. I keep putting tisue on his nose, but soak and soak regardless of how much tissue I use. I started sobbing.
I went through almost that whole big box size Kleenex tissue on him. It took almost half an hour before it stop bleeding.

I sobbed, and cried. It just worries me. I'm scare that it might be a begining sign of something with his health, you know there are underlying health issues that might not show up until like 15-20 years later.. Yes, I know he 31 and is healthy now, but I don't know his health 20 years from now.
This severe nosebleed of his warrant a doctor visit to his doctor right? He needs to get this recent nosebleed of his check out.

I'm sorry I'm rambling but I'm worried. Anyone here has a nosebleed like this? Or your spouse have nosebleed like this? Was it heavy bleeding and lasted almost half an hour long like my husband? And did you went through almost a whole big box of Kleenex tissue? And was the nosebleed the darker red blood color? Or the bright red color? Was it thick blood or thinner blood?
I described my husband nosebleed above, if you make it through reading it, it not a normal nosebleed right? It was a 30 minutes long profusely heavy nosebleed, darker red blood color, with huge clots along with rapid heavy bleeding. How can this be normal? This warrant a doctor visit go see his doctor right?
I'm just worried, especially with his health in the long run.

I'm sorry, I'm in the U.S, not the U.K, but I posted here before and Ms. Moderator here said it okay for me (someone in the U.S) to post here.
I'm worried about this nosebleed of my husband, and I want to asked if other ladies here have husband or themselves that went through a similiar nosebleed, if you can share your experience? Or any experience with nosebleed? I know nosebleed is common, but I can't shake off the worry feelings of my husbadn nosebleed, as I don't see it as common at all, not this severe.

ISpeakJive Mon 15-May-17 17:13:38

Sorry, nobody has answered your post. This has never happened to me but has he seen a doctor about this?

bilbodog Mon 15-May-17 18:07:12

Cant offer any help either but i would definately get him to vusit tge doctor. Hope everything is ok.

sunnyhills Mon 15-May-17 18:44:20

I think you should trust your instinct that this is not normal and make sure he sees a doctor .

I think it would be a good idea to print off your post and that he takes it with him .

Good luck ,try to stay calm for your husband's sake .

maggiso Mon 15-May-17 20:05:14

I think he needs to see a doctor. My son gets heavy nose bleeds ( he is an allergic type- so his nasal membranes are probably more easily damaged) and we have been told to go to A&E if it won't stop - I can't remember how long was the time mentioned when we should get help- I think it was half an hour As a child I had heavy nose bleeds and had to have some fragile vessels ( the cause of the trouble in my case) cauterised- which worked. I have just had sinus surgery ( which causes bleeding on and off for many days)and was told to return if bleeding was heavy. I understand the nose can be packed with gauze to stop the bleeding.
So get your husband to see a doctor - and at least get advice on what he should do if it happens again. I hope all is well.

thestairs Thu 25-May-17 13:45:03

Thank you thank you very very much.
I guess update: My husband went to his doctor appointment last Tuesday May 16th about his nosebleed. Well, we went, I went with him because I'm a Stay at home Wife, I don't work. And I was sobbing when he had his nosebleed, and worry. So I went with him.

His doctor gave a paper put in an ordered a CT scan of his nose and sinuses.
He said something about have a Nose and sinuses CT scan, it show if there sinus masses, tumors, nasal polyps (I have no idea what those things are), if there infection in the sinuses bones, cancer (which he said cancer of the nose is rare). And it also help find the cause of repeating nosebleed.
No idea but he ordered a CT scan of my husband's nose and sinuses.
My husband nosebleed was 30 minutes long of rapid heavy bleeding and it was the darker red blood color, with huge clots along with profusely liquid blood coming out. (Doctor doesn't know why my husband nosebleed was like that. But he said next time get emergency care, not normal with that amount of bleeding).
I guess the doctor try to find the cause to that heavy bleeding? He did not order a X-ray version, he specificly order a CT scan.--Because CT scan show more?

He said majority (common) nosebleed occur in the front of the nose, when apply pressure it reduce the bleeding and stop. A "normal" nosebleed should stop after 5-10 minutes.
He said it not normal if you bleed profusely straight for 30 minutes, and not with that heavy blood amount like my husband. He said if you apply pressure for 30 minutes straight and it still bleed profusely, get amergency care.
He said there minor cases (less common) where nosebleed occur further back of the nose closer to the throat, and that where major blood vessels is, and just apply pressure at home, it not enough to stop the bleeding.. And you lost more blood than you can see because it further back of the nose closer to the throat.

I told the doctor I don't know what blood vessels my husband break, but I went through almost a big size Kleenex box of tissues on his bleeding, the 210 ct one. That box it double the size and tissues ct. of the rectangular tissue box.
I told the doctor I got scare because I keep get the tissue put on his nose and applied pressure, but it won't slow down the bleeding, it was still soaking with blood, it bleed very heavy so it soak fast.. I looked at the trash can and the whole trash can was fill with bloody tissue, I got very scare.
The doctor said a trash can size full of tissues that soaked through with blood, go to the ER.
He said that trash can bag full of blood tissues, bring it with me. The ER will stop the bleeding for him, and if they can't stop the bleeding there have ENT (ear nose throat) specialist in the hospital.

Doctor said if bleeding amount of blood is enough to fill up the size of a foam Drinking cup size of blood, go to the ER immediately.

He said as a general rule get emergency care if a nosebleed doesn't stop after 30 minutes.. A "normal" nosebleed should stop after 5-10 minutes. And a "normal" nosebleed's amount of bleeding is NOT fill up a foam drinking cup size of blood.
He said get emergency care next time, a normal noseblood should never be 30 minutes straight with this much blood.

The doctor wasn't able to figure out the cause of my husband severe nosebleed, or why he bleed the way he bleed like that. I guess he wasn't train like an ENT specialist? He did give a paper referred to see an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist.
And he give a paper put in an ordered for CT scan of my husband nose and sinuses. He didn't want an X-ray version, he wants an CT scan version.
And he also put in an ordered of a whole blood test panel and complete blood count again. He said the last panel everything is normal, but he wants get a complete blood count again. To see the red blood cells count, make sure my husband is not losing blood?
He didn't order a lungs X-Ray. Because my husband's last lungs X-ray result was normal, clear, his lungs healthy. And my husband wasn't coughing. He did listen to my husband lungs, and he said it very clear. No lungs X-ray order.
But he did ordered that 3 things above.
So follow the doctor directions right? Get my husband to take the CT scan of his nose and sinuses, get the blood test panel again so the doctor can see his red blood cells count, and see an ENT specialist right?
The CT scan and the blood test can be done in the hospital. Wait for the CT scan result and see right?
Doctor wasn't able to figure out the cause of my husband severe nosebleed, but then the doctor he not an ENT (ear nose throat) specialist, so he wasn't train specificly for these stuff. That why he referred to see an ENT about my husband severe noseblled.

We did scheduled an appointment for my husband to take the CT scan of his nose and sinuses that the doctor ordered.. And also get the blood test panel of his complete blood count again. His last result all his blood count everything normal, but the doctor want to see it again, I guess due to he bleeds so much last time.
We scheduled get both done in the hospital, the hospital have everything, and we can get both CT scan and blood test done in the same trip. We going on Friday May 26th.
I guess there nothing else I can do now beside go to the appointment date and get his CT scan done, and wait for the CT scan result.
I love my husband and I just want to see him healthy. I'm sorry I'm rambling.

Lissette Thu 25-May-17 13:51:42

I hope everything goes well with the scan tomorrow thestairs. No need to apologise for rambling, you are just concerned for your husband. It sounds like you are doing all the right things.

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