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Breast Lump Referral

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ilovechocolates Fri 12-May-17 21:42:18

Found breast lump, pea-sized, saw GP, been referred to breast clinic.
What happens there?
Scared cos thinking it could be cancer.
Anyone else been in this position? Got words of advice?

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Fri 12-May-17 23:32:49

You're welcome to join us on the cancer support thread if you'd like. We often have people post for a bit while waiting for referrals and tests. There's a couple of other posters in the same boat right now. My advice would be do not Google! 9 out of 10 breast lumps are benign so the odds are in your favour smile anyway, I hope you get good news soon. Do you have an appointment yet? flowers

snapcrap Sat 13-May-17 08:30:42

Hi Ilovechocolate. Am in the same boat. Found my lump on Wednesday, saw doc yesterday, got app next Wednesday for mammogram and biopsy. I have two friends with different experiences of this who I talked to. One whose lump was found to be just a blocked duct (but her GP had told her it was 100% cancer!!) and one who found she had cancer. As WWLKD says above, the odds are with us. But the way I'm looking at it, it either is or it isn't cancer and there's absolutely nothing I can do about that so I'm feeling quite zen about it. My advice would be keep busy with other stuff but of course talk about it in RL and on here if you need to. Hope you are ok xx
ps I would also like to know more about what happens in the appointment and how soon you find out biopsy results so I might pop over to the cancer support thread just to find that out x

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Sat 13-May-17 08:47:36

snap definitely pop over to the thread. Nearly everyone there has breast cancer so has been through the clinic experience. I'm afraid I've got bowel cancer so I'm of little use grin

snapcrap Sat 13-May-17 14:38:53

Thank you WWLKD and sorry you have reason to be on that thread at all. Hope you are feeling well at the moment x

lovemybabies3 Sat 13-May-17 16:42:37

i went last yr! found a lump, doc sent a referal and that night the breast clinic rang me to make appntment! i shit myself (sorry for language) as i thawt why were they being so quick, but they said they have to be with all lumps! i went along to clinic had an ultra sound, as the lump wasnt a full round shape i had to have a biopsy! which wasnt as bad as what people told me it would be! i had to wait till the follwing week to be told it was only a cyst! all the doctors are lovely there and explain everything! fingers crossed for you its just a cyst

Surfingwhippet Sat 13-May-17 16:46:17

I found a lump, went to the breast clinic and it turned out to be an old bruise. It's still there, no bigger, no smaller.
It's the waiting that I found most stressful.

Comps83 Sat 13-May-17 20:20:40

Mine was just a 'fatty lump'
Good luck X

DubiousCredentials Sat 13-May-17 21:05:10

snapcrap at the clinic you'll see the consultant who will examine you, then you'll be sent for an ultrasound and/or mammogram and biopsy if necessary, then back for another chat with the consultant to discuss whatever they did or didn't see at the scans. If a biopsy is needed I think it's a week or so for results.

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo Sat 13-May-17 21:11:06

I had a one week wait from GP visit to consultant's clinic.

All the staff were calming, caring and professional. I had a mammogram then a biopsy. Fortunately I got the all clear on the same day, I think I cried and hugged the consultant.

Good luck, OP. As a PP said, please don't Google, however tempting.

I will be thinking of you

TheoriginalLEM Sat 13-May-17 21:28:14

Ive been here, the waitng nearly sent me insane. I suffer from anxiety so it pushed me over the edge, I was given diazepam to help calm me down - can't say it helped much I was climbing the walls. I came here for support and everyone was just wonderful and reassuring, but nothing helped until I heard the words - you don't have cancer.

I cried throughout the whole clinic attendance, consultant, mammogram, ultrasound. I was told at the ultrasound that it was a cyst and some necrotic fat for good measure, they drained it there and then, it ran clear and there was no need for biopsy. The nurses and drs I saw were so kind and patience, I was practically incoherent and they may well have been thinking ffs woman up but they didn't show it. It was funny because the consultant spoke to me like I was a small child and DP said afterwards didn't it wind me up? (grown up woman with a PhD in a medical related subject so know terminology etc) the consultant called the necrotic fat, "naughty fat" But she was spot on, I didn't let on I had medical background as I just wanted her to tell me it was all ok and thank the good lord in heaven, it was.

My friend unbeknown to me, was diagnosed with breast cancer the previous day but that was 3 years ago to this day shock and she got the all clear within 6 months, it was pants but she is fine.

So there is a 99% chance that it will be something and nothing, but if it isn't you did the right thing and got it checked out so you will likely be fine.

I hope that you get your appointment through quickly, I was given a cancellation (I think due to my anxiety) so was seen within four days. It might be worth calling and saying you can attend on short notice for cancellations, the waiting is agony but keep faith that we are so very lucky to have a fucking amazing NHS and trust that you will be looked after

Mine was a cyst caused by an old injury.

ilovechocolates Sat 13-May-17 23:39:22

Found the lump last weekend, had an appt to see my GP about something unrelated anyway on Friday afternoon so told him about it then. So he wouldn't have done the referral until Friday night and the hospital won't have got the referral until Monday- esp after the cyber attack! Hoping GP would say that I was among it up n he couldn't feel it
I presume I'll be seen within the 2-week cancer wait target so am expecting to have an appt either this week or next.
I'm actually not concerned about the tests, just the results
Thanks about the stats- but what if I'm the 1 who it isn't benign. That's what I can't stop thinking about. I've tried distracting myself (I have 2 assignments to write before the end of May) but nothing has helped.
I've only been waiting ~24hours - how do you get through the days? I feel teary n upset yet unable to cry 😞

ilovechocolates Sat 13-May-17 23:40:02

*hoping the GP would say I was making it up n he couldn't feel it

GreenPolishToGo Sat 13-May-17 23:59:33

Waiting is absolutely the worst part, I think, because your mind goes round and round with "what if's" like a squirrel in a cage. I found keeping busy helped. My house has never been so spotless and I took up paper cutting (and got quite good at it) for a distraction on the nights when I had trouble sleeping. Once I had a diagnosis and a plan for treatment it was a lot easier.

The odds are in your favour. Most lumps are benign. I had a pea-sized lump which turned out to be a cyst 16 years ago. And if it's not benign the odds are still pretty good. Five years ago the lump I found was breast cancer - but it was treatable. Most of them are.

I hope the time passes quickly for

BackforGood Sun 14-May-17 00:01:06

Well, even if you are in the 1 in 10 they say are cancerous, then the odds are still very good. Nobody likes the 'c' word, but if you have to get it (and you probably haven't) then you are still very likely to be alright smile

ilovechocolates Sun 14-May-17 00:42:30

I'm hoping so and praying it's not. Don't want to tell DH all my fears all the time as he'd get too upset. Feel alone right now.

GreenPolishToGo Sun 14-May-17 00:53:04

"In sickness and in health" - isn't that what you both promised. Please talk to him. If he had found a lump would you want him to worry alone?

okilydokily Sun 14-May-17 00:58:37

I have two or three small lumps on one side. GP had a feel and thought one of them was worth investigating. I had a 2 week wait after my referral. Had a mammogram and ultrasound on the day - nothing untoward, just normal breast tissue. The consultant reviewed my results and said everything was fine.

The waiting and over-thinking isn't pleasant. Best of luck, OP. It's much more likely to be a cyst or something innocuous.

anon1987 Sun 14-May-17 01:19:41

My dp auntie had a lump and biopsy done, she was then told to go discuss results. They came back clear it was just a cyst.

Pease don't worry yourself over it whilst waiting, i know many women who've been investigated for lumps and none of them had breast cancer xxx

Dawndonnaagain Mon 15-May-17 11:38:17

Been to the GP this morning with small pea sized lump. Have been referred. Mammogram was all clear last year. Still worried though. This thread is reassuring, particularly as I have no-one to talk to. Have been through hell and back this last few months and dd is not well so can't talk to her. Stbxh is playing silly buggers with the house and divorce so I could do without this!
Oh, and on top of all that I spent Saturday in hospital with pains in my left arm and chest, diagnosis of exhaustion and stress and I'm in hospital this afternoon with regards to my ulcerative colitis and steroids. Aaarghhh!
By the way, does anyone know if I should tell the consultant that I'm lined up for a breast appointment, don't know if going back on the steroids is helpful for that or not. Although I would like to go two hours without having to change my underwear!
Thank you!

GreenPolishToGo Mon 15-May-17 19:07:02

Dawn I don't know but I'd tell your consultant about the breast appointment just in case it is relevant.

Waiting to find out really is the worst part, and it doesn't help that you've been through so much already. flowers

I hope you don't have to wait very long. And I hope you have good news.

Dawndonnaagain Mon 15-May-17 19:49:55

Thank you.
So, no steroids for now, not orally, anyway!
They 'phoned with my appointment this afternoon, I only saw the doctor this morning. Unfortunately for my anxiety it's exactly the two weeks away. Thank you for your support though. Much appreciated. Hopefully no-one will mind if I pop back every ten minutes now and then!

GreenPolishToGo Mon 15-May-17 20:39:06

Oh gosh, I wouldn't stop a medication you've been prescribed without speaking to someone who knows what they're talking about - ie not me! Perhaps you could call in the morning?

Poor you. Two weeks is a long time when something like this is preying on your mind. FWIW when I had a pea-sized lump it was simply a benign cyst. When I had breast cancer the lump I found was larger, irregular and more solid. So, hopefully, pea-sized lumps are a good sign.

Dawndonnaagain Mon 15-May-17 20:51:32

Thank you Green I did actually speak to the consultant this afternoon and that's what we agreed. Sorry, I should have been clearer!

GreenPolishToGo Tue 16-May-17 18:56:55

Not to worry. I hope you're managing today Dawn.

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