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No stitches after keyhole surgery?

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meadowlark3 Fri 12-May-17 19:08:10

I've just had a keyhole surgery and changed the bandages. I don't see any stitches on my skin-just a loose cut. Is this normal? Are the stitches below the skin? I don't remember them saying anything about this in hospital...but I didn't expect to see loose holes on my tummy today!

meadowlark3 Fri 12-May-17 20:32:06

Anyone? Is it possible the surgeon forgot to sew them shut? confused

AlletrixLeStrange Fri 12-May-17 20:33:03

They're probably under the cut, they try to do it like this if possible so you won't need them taking out (I used to work in theatre)

BelligerentGardenPixies Fri 12-May-17 20:33:51

I didnt have stitches, the wounds were glued but they didnt look like holes though.

meadowlark3 Fri 12-May-17 21:43:15

Hmm thank you. They just look like cuts but aren't glued..the skin is not stuck together...?

AlessandroVasectomi Sun 14-May-17 14:18:35

I had my colon removed by keyhole surgery. There were 4 'stab' wounds, each about a centimetre long, where they insert the instruments and camera(s) and a wound about 5 cm long
through which the offending article was extracted. All were glued together and healed up beautifully. Oddly enough, 6 years later you can still see the stab wound scars but the 5 cm scar has faded almost to nothing. As others have said, I suspect there were a good deal of internal stitches which just dissolve away naturally.

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