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Hip impingement and pregnancy

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spydie Fri 12-May-17 13:59:03

I've recently been diagnosed with a pincer type impingement of my hip and resulting cartilage damage. I'm undergoing physio before seeing the consultant in a couple of months to decide whether to operate.

I've had years and years of a dodgy hip, but since I had DD1 15 months ago it's deteriorated. My pregnancy wasn't too bad, I did suffer back and pelvic pain from around 25 weeks (despite no visible bump at that point and remaining very small throughout), however the delivery was awful (induced and forceps). I've always been very active and fit, have ridden horses my entire life, but now I can't ride for the pain, and my muscles an absolute mess according to my physio.

I'm fortunate that the hip pain isn't as terrible as I believe it could be... I can't ride, sex hurts a lot, and anything physical like gardening sets it off. But if I don't do anything physical it only really bothers me at night or if I sit for prolonged periods.

But, we'd really like baby no2, and I'd like to start thinking about ttc october time. I'm not certain if another pregnancy will be as easy as my first, given how much my hip has deteriorated. Im also concerned about labouring with a hip joint i cant externally rotate without serious pain. However if I have surgery soon, I realise this will mean I need to put baby plans on hold.

Has anyone else had this and can comment on experiences of pregnancy/birth? Thanks in advance!

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