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Hit and run

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ToffeeCake1 Thu 11-May-17 04:18:30

My sister was in a hit and run about 3 weeks ago and gp sent her for x-rays on her scapula (spelling?? Shoulder blade basically!) and they looked at it for about 5 minuets then said there's nothing they need to do today she'd get the results in 7-10 days, does this mean there's defiantly no break/chip/fracture or will we not know yet? Also they gave her nothing in the meantime eh/ haven't told her to ice it or anything. She's on 2X codeine and 2X paracetamol for other injuries but her pain is pretty bad with this one, is she meant to just wait it out until we get results?

ToffeeCake1 Fri 12-May-17 17:31:07

Still no improvement just more pain but no news yet. Any advice?

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