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What drugs might turn your teeth yellow?

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RedStripeIassie Wed 10-May-17 19:43:14

I was ill earlier this year and have been on an on of cocktail of the following (sorry for any wrong spellings)

Ferrous funerate
Various anti biotics mainly clarythromicin (and gentlemycin when in hospital)

Could one of these be causing it? My oral hygiene hasn't changed apart from totally neglected for a few weeks in hospital and I don't drink coffee at all and red wine only rarely.

Can anyone solve the mystery of my manky teeth?! grin

whoputthecatout Wed 10-May-17 20:46:57

I know tetracycline and doxycyline does but I believe it's when permanent teeth are still forming in the gums i.e. when you've had them as a young child. Some mouth washes, blood pressure drugs and antihistamines can.

lyrebird1 Wed 10-May-17 21:20:18

Not sure about any of those drugs specifically, but could it be due to them causing a dry mouth? That can cause mild dental decay and my teeth have definitely got worse due to it. I use Biotene mouthwash which is moisturising (on prescription or from Superdrug) and chewing sugarfree chewing gum helps.

upsidedownfrown Thu 11-May-17 10:46:55

When dd and ds had antibiotics for scarlet fever their teeth turned a wonderful shade of yellow. Think it was erythromycin or similar. Definitely something with mycin at the end. Our lovely dentist did a quick polish and shine a couple of days after finishing the antibiotics and they've been fine since. Maybe book in for a cleaning and if that seems to solve it (and ££ allows) book in regularly to keep on top of it? That's if you're going to be taking them for a while. Hope things are on the up for you!

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