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Anemic? Do I need to go to the doctors?

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BringMeTea123 Wed 10-May-17 14:30:53

Hi all,

I'm wondering if I'm anemic... I used to donate blood before I had my son 6 months ago and they always had to test me twice to check my iron as it was always borderline if they would let me donate or not.

Anyway, I wake up in the morning (by my son) around 7am. We go to bed no later than 11 and I'm knackered. I can't keep my eyes open, I'm falling asleep giving him his bottle, it's gets a little easier as the morning goes on but I still feel pretty tired. Then come
9pm and I'm falling asleep on the sofa.

I do suffer heavy periods which have been a little lighter since being pregnant however every period I've had since I've passed clots. Couple being very large.

I have about 3 ulcers in my mouth which are really painful and I can't shift them, although they've only been there a few days.

Not sure what all the symptoms are, just wondering if anyone else has been anemic and what they experienced and if I should see the GP?

Milliways Wed 10-May-17 16:42:49

Yes, ask for a blood test.
I went to GP as tired but getting breathless too, thought it was peri menopause and being unfit but found to be anaemic so put on iron ( and a load of other tests).
Do you get short of breath going up hills etc?
I also get a load of ulcers when run down. They are the worst!

BringMeTea123 Wed 10-May-17 17:27:02

Sometimes I get short of breath when I've been doing housework etc but not really noticed it as I've not been looking for it. Just suddenly hit me today, maybe this is what it is. Yes the ulcers are the worst! Been and brought some bonjella so fingers crossed they'll be gone by tomorrow lol x

MissBax Wed 10-May-17 18:02:56

Sounds like you're run down more than anything (especially with the ulcers), but why don't you get some iron supplements and see how you feel?

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