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Umbilical hernia and diastasis recti - my tummy is a mess!!

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Zo94 Tue 09-May-17 07:30:42

Hey lovelies,
So I went to a clinic and the doctor said that I have hernia and a 4 fingers wide diastasis recti...and horrible skin with wrinkles and stretch marks. I would need a so called tummy tuck but as of now I wouln't be able to afford it. It affects me badly. I feel like I look like a freak and also my lower back is in pain.
I'm wondering if the NHS would help me? Because honestly they haven't even looked at my c-sec scar or my tummy after birth.. I had to figure this out by myself... I feel horrible and not like a woman anymore.. your advice would be really apprechiated.
Thank you.

Bunnyfuller Wed 10-May-17 00:31:24

They'll repair the hernia, but not the recti. I've had 2 hernia operations and the second one they were considering the recti repair (back to back pregnancies, both sections). But that was for medical reasons as basically there is a weakness there now. The second op was a large mesh repair with titanium screws! But I'm afraid my tummy still resembles a cows udder with wrinkles :-/. The NHS can't help for cosmetic reasons, no money for that.

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