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Very light periods- what do you use?

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drspouse Sun 07-May-17 21:44:12

Since having an implant and approaching menopause I have very light periods - I used to use tampons then moved on to the mooncup but it seems too light for these. I only need to change a mini tampon a couple of times a day and then it's quite dry and uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable with the mooncup too though it wasn't before.

If I use a liner or pad, then I just feel generally uncomfortable - kind of itchy.

Not sure what else to try!

ragged Sun 07-May-17 21:58:22

panty liners. Almost nothing there.

moggle Sun 07-May-17 22:03:45

They aren't for everyone, but you can get washable pads which should be less itchy.
I've also seen ads on my FB page for "Thinx" period underwear which are designed to absorb and hold the blood (they are rated e.g. 2 tampons worth) and the reviews look great, might be worth investigating?

drspouse Sun 07-May-17 22:07:51

The washable pads also make me itch. If I wake in the night to find I've started, it's also itchy - I think it's the blood itself IYSWIM. So panty liners are no better.

Esssa Sun 07-May-17 22:10:54

I was going to suggest washable pads too but I see you think it's the blood causing the itch. I've never used them as I don't get on with tampons but there are washable options for those too. Either cotton or sea sponge varieties. Might alleviate your dryness problem?

ragged Sun 07-May-17 22:12:26

frequent pad change should prevent itching, esp. if it is the blood causing the itch.

ragged Sun 07-May-17 22:12:53

ps: maybe you're not as light as you think?

drspouse Sun 07-May-17 22:13:08

Oh that's definitely worth a try.
I think it's some kind of irritation between the blood and my skin/soft tissue as I don't get it with tampons or the mooncup.

drspouse Sun 07-May-17 22:14:42

ragged 2 mini tampons, not soaked through, in 16 hours is pretty light!
Some days it's more spotting than actual flow i.e. it only comes away when I wipe.

gigi556 Sun 07-May-17 22:23:04

I use Thinx. Love them.

drspouse Sun 07-May-17 22:28:20

Right I'm trying a sea sponge! I went for Small instead of Teeny as it says you can cut them down if necessary.

Esssa Mon 08-May-17 00:57:05

Hope it helps. Anything is worth a try if it's more comfortable. I love my washable pads. Started with a couple and then ordered more. I've done one period now purely with washables and I've had no sweaty feeling, no itchy rashy type thing either. Bung them in the wash, no fabric softner, maybe a scoop of stain remover now and again and they are good as new.

SmurfPants Mon 08-May-17 00:59:09

I'm liking the look of thinx. Good reviews too!

I've just ordered some.

BlueKarou Mon 08-May-17 01:11:47

I've heard good things about Natracare pads. Cotton based and presumably without the stinky plasticy thing Always have going on. I haven't ordered them yet though - they're in my Amazon basket so cannot give my own review.

drspouse Mon 08-May-17 09:10:52

I have had those pads but as I say I just don't seem to get on with pads in general. They were OK for lack of smell though!

BlueKarou Mon 08-May-17 09:55:27

Oh, will tamper down my enthusiasm then. I too get a bit itchy (sometimes properly raw and uncomfortable) when using the stinky pads, but I just don't get on with tampons or the mooncup, so I'd pinned my hopes on the less plasticky pads.

Good luck with your sea sponge!

HopefulHamster Mon 22-May-17 18:50:04

Found this thread searching for Thinx vs Dear Kate reviews, both are 'period pants'. From what I can tell Thinx has better PR and reviews, but Dear Kate are available with shipping from the UK, whereas Thinx is from the US only. I was going to try the Thinx but was scared of customs charges on top of the already expensive pants!

Anyway, I know this thread is a few weeks old now but I quite like the Dear Kates, but if it's the skin/blood feel you don't like it may not help. For me they are good for the once a week I commute to London for just in case my period starts (if it's already started I'm more likely to use tradition sanitary towels/tampons). I'm on the mini-pill and can never tell when my period is on the wya - three times now it has been on my London day! So now I just wear these pants on those days as protection against leakage.

When I work from home I use reuseable pads as there's less danger of overflow/bulkiness being annoying. I did buy some cups but can't get the knack of them sad

drspouse Wed 24-May-17 11:32:53

Likewise being on hormonal contraceptives I'm never sure when it will start - I had 2 periods within less than a month before posting this thread and nothing now for about 5 weeks.

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