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Should I be worried? Dont want to google boobs.

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YourHandInMyHand Tue 02-May-17 21:03:20

So the other day it dawned on me my nipples are now pointing down. shock sad

My boobs are also itchy. One boob has a milky discharge when squeezed (I noticed this during itching), and one has a green discharge when squeezed.

The skin on both boobs seems slightly thinner. Like slight open pores and slight stretch marks but not that extreme.

So - is this just age and cruel gravity combined with a new laundry gel? Or should I book a doctors appointment?

I don't post much on MN these days but am a long term member and I figured as we have lots of female posters on here others may have had a similar experience.

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 02-May-17 21:08:19

Hmm not had a similar experience but would suggest you go to GP as doesn't sound right and don't want to scare you but rings a bell these symptoms can be symptoms of breast cancer - but obviously I'm not a dr so don't take my word for it!

BillyButtfuck Tue 02-May-17 21:09:19

Definitely pop down to the GP and have a chat and check up. It doesn't sound urgent as in out of hours tonight type thing, but definitely something to get looked at.

YourHandInMyHand Tue 02-May-17 21:10:30

That's okay sunshine I am leaning more towards going to get checked over anyway but just wondered if anyone else had had the same.

DP is away for a couple of days so I've no adult in the house to talk to as a sounding board, and don't really want to if it's nothing.

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 02-May-17 21:18:09

I think that's the worst case scenario I've outlined and there are probably a whole range of other potential causes that are not serious or mildly serious in between. I suspect the only way you'll truly know is to book a GP appointment.

Hopefully someone else can come along with experience of same and say it was just an infection or something!

YourHandInMyHand Tue 02-May-17 21:33:52

I wondered about infections and such with the green discharge but who knows! Thank you sunshine and billy I will book gp for my day off.

Ohyesiam Tue 02-May-17 23:05:36

Very unlikely to be cancer if it both breasts. Infections often include heat, redness, as will as discharge, but you are right to get it checked.
Hour it's soon sorted.

Sunshineandlaughter Fri 05-May-17 21:08:58

Did you get checked out op?

rightlittlered Mon 08-May-17 21:41:27

Do you have any pain or tenderness? Have you examined for any lumps? Your GP should refer you to the breast clinic for a thorough check but green discharge is a sign of fibrocystic changes which are totally normal however, they're very much age/hormone related so it would depend on your age and whether you've been through the menopause!

Definitely get a GP appointment - better to be safe than sorry! flowers

YourHandInMyHand Sun 14-May-17 16:17:52

I haven't been yet. blush

Have had a lot going on and am juggling so many plates I fear they're all going to fall and smash. But that's another issue I guess, I do intend on going to the gp, hopefully this coming Friday as I won't be working.

I'm 35 and on the progestrogen pill. Boobs are no longer itchy but do still have the discharge if stimulated.

flibberdy Sun 14-May-17 16:52:25

Please make an appointment tomorrow, OP. There are few things more important than your health xx

ImperialBlether Sun 14-May-17 16:54:20

You have to put yourself first with this, OP, and get yourself to the doctor's. I hope everything goes well.

YourHandInMyHand Fri 09-Jun-17 16:56:11

Well I'm embarrassed to say I didn't get around to booking in with the GP.

Until Tuesday night when I felt a lump. sad

So I went to the GP yesterday who has done an urgent referral to the breast clinic. Apparently I should be screened within two weeks.

Am trying not to freak out and hoping the appointment comes through quickly.

BusterGonad Fri 09-Jun-17 17:03:47

How scary Op, good luck with everything, try not to get too worked up over it, easier said than done but worrying will not change anything. Look after yourself and talk to whoever will help you to deal with your feelings. We are all here too!

picklemepopcorn Fri 09-Jun-17 17:27:14

Don't freak out... You don't know anything except that you are getting suitable medical input soon. Nothing is different today than last week, just roll up for your appointment, until then nothing to think about.

cheesychops Sat 10-Jun-17 00:15:47

I know someone who had a similar experience to you and the lump turned out to be a cyst. They just have to check to be sure.

You've totally done the right thing to get checked. Just be kind to yourself over this waiting period- share with family & friends how you are feeling too for moral support.

Sending a cyber hug flowersbrew

YourHandInMyHand Mon 12-Jun-17 17:05:11

Thank you all. Been given an appointment for next week so just a case of wait and see but I'm trying not to worry.

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