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TMJ/TMD flare up

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PopcornBits Sun 30-Apr-17 19:40:11

Right so I have a TMJ flare up, that's twice now in the past few months. Last time had to get my wisdom tooth removed as my grinding was causing me to press on the wisdom tooth and in turn that was pressing on some nerves, it was nasty! I had instant relief in terms of nerve pain when it was taken out but the horrible radiating pain around the jaw persisted for another two weeks after.

I have another flare up, which was made worse by me going to a sports therapist - I gritted my teeth all the way through and now I'm paying for it.

Other than eating soft foods and trying not to smile or open my jaw, what else can I do? I'm taking codeine and diclofenac currently and it's doing bugger all! Hot water bottle relieves temporarily.

The whole side of my neck hurts and I can't lie on either side of my face, it just makes it throb more.

I have a holiday in 1 week, now I'm imagining being a grouch on the beach.

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