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Any gps/ear specialists able to help re: ear infection

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Corialanusburt Sun 30-Apr-17 19:36:13

I have been prescribed Flumetasone Clioquinol for an infection in both ears, not an ear infection as such but an infection of skin in the ears.

I'm on the 5th day of 10 days of 2 drops per ear 3 times a day. Yesterday the tip of my nose started to tingle. Now there's a tingling permanently across tip of my nose and a very slight nausea.

This tingling isn't listed as a side effect and obv I can't get to a doc till at least Tuesday. Does the tingling matter?

As well as this, although the GP looked in my ears and found them both reddish, I had been experiencing a sort of dullness/slight pain into the ears particularly when I woke up after a night of less sleep or a night where I'd had a few alcoholic drinks. I'm wondering whether go is wrong about skin infection and there's something else wrong. This feeling in the ears has been going on for about 4 months. However, we went on hols to Sicily a couple of weeks ago and for that week, my ears felt fine! Any thoughts? Thanks.

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