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Dentist referring me to hospital for mouth polyp

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AYEpad Sat 29-Apr-17 13:59:27

I have name changed for this but don't doubt this post won't out me to a couple of friends - all i ask here is if you are my friend and recognise me on this post then tell me as i could probably do with a bit of handholding right now.......

Dr Google is frightening me so much.

Ive had this lump inside my lip for - well im not sure really but definitely not at my last dental appointment. It doesnt hurt and i rarely think about it - thought maybe its a hangover from a coldsore.

Anyway dentist was lovely and generally reassuring saying it doesnt look sinister etc but should be checked out.

Twinkletowedelephant Sat 29-Apr-17 14:07:32

Ds had a lump inside his lip for months... (About pea size) We went pharmacy - gp -hospital put on a list for removal... was told not sure what it is but won't go away and will need it removed.
Got a call Monday about date for surgery...asked ds about lump and it's disappeared...
No one quite believes it. Ds has asd and a high pain threshold and has no idea ( sure it was still there last week). When it went...hasn't left a mark or scab just 'gone'

So we have to go back to hospital clinic so they can have a look at something that's not there...

Ds thinks the lump fairy must have taken it...much like the tooth fairy takes teeth except the lump fairy dosn't pay....

Hope you get your own lump fairy

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