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Mucus in poo

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Rainbowsandunicorns88 Thu 27-Apr-17 17:40:17


I have health anxiety so this has scared me "shit"less. I've poo'd a blob of jelly. Clear but a good 50p size. Wtf is that? I've self-diagnosed all sorts. If it's relevant I've been SO stressed and anxious recently.

Viewofhedges Thu 27-Apr-17 17:45:20

I've no idea but I've been doing this for years and am not dead yet. Don't panic.

startingtolooklikemother Thu 27-Apr-17 17:47:52

And me, still not dead yet (but interestingly suffer with anxiety) hmm

highinthesky Thu 27-Apr-17 17:50:28

I wouldn't be concerned about this. If you've been bunged up it's your body's way of helping things out.

Rainbowsandunicorns88 Thu 27-Apr-17 17:58:18

I get crampy/ibs'y from time to time but this is a first and feck me I thought a baby slug had fallen out my bum.

MsStricty Thu 27-Apr-17 18:09:33

'tis very likely IBS.

gobbin Thu 27-Apr-17 18:18:42

tis very likely IBS
Please don't spout crap like this. It's bad enough that some GPs do this without doing checks for bowel disease.

OP I would monitor your cramps/pains and poo for a couple of weeks to see if it recurs and, if so, think about what you might have eaten or been doing to see if there's a pattern or not.

If it does recur, I'd get checked out. There are many bowel diseases as well as IBS (disfunctional bowel), with a range of successful modes of treatment.

BikeRunSki Thu 27-Apr-17 18:21:06

I get this when I have eaten a lot of rich dairy food.

LightYears Thu 27-Apr-17 18:29:21

I get this when I'm constipated.

LuluJakey1 Thu 27-Apr-17 18:43:13

I had it when my bowel was inflamed after an upset stomach a few years ago. GP said my large intesting was producing it to protects its surface because poo was passing through it quickly and it was sore.

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