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carpel tunnel and thyroid issues

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dodi1978 Tue 25-Apr-17 13:32:52

Any experiences with the above?

I developed quite bad carpel tunnel late in my first pregnancy (2013). Symptoms persisted for a while after and then got better, but things never quite improved back to normal.
Fast-forward to second pregnancy (gave birth end of September 2016), and problems were back, and have stayed to far. I often wake up with hands so numb I struggle to "wake them up".
Went to the docs last week and it was suggested that thyroid issues may be underlying this. I had a thyroid test this morning and am waiting for results now.
There are some other symptoms that suggest that thyroid issues may be a possibility - I have been unusually tired (but have put this down between pregnancies to having a child and working full time whilst renovating a house), and have also not had my usual "drive" (but certainly wouldn't say I am feeling depressed, which is another symptom of an underactive thyroid). I also had not problems conceiving whatsover!

Any experiences appreciated

RNBrie Tue 25-Apr-17 13:41:08

I've had terrible carpel tunnel syndrome since dc3 was born. I had it mildly after dc2 but it went away after 6 months or so. I'm wearing wrist supports over night which has helped a bit with symptoms.

I've had my thyroid tested and it my Tsh came back at 2.5 which the gp assured me was normal. I've got terrible cracked heels and cold hands and feet but apparently that's normal too. Tired (3 small children so no surprise) and struggling to lose weight (also no surprise). I can access private healthcare once I go back to work in July so going to ask for a private referral then.

dodi1978 Tue 25-Apr-17 13:47:31

RNBrie - hm, interesting! If the thyroid test comes back normal I'll try the wrist supports.

No other symptoms for me, really, other than the tiredness (but that could be anyting). Oh yes, weight... but that's the chocolate!

Bebraveagain Tue 25-Apr-17 17:37:39

Um... anything over TSH of 2 indicates thyroid could be struggling. Ask for a full thyroid panel which should include TSH and FT4 (ft3 too but is unlikely to be done unfortunately) plus antibodies for Hashimotos thyroiditis. Ideally ferritin, B12, folate and ferritin should be checked too. GP's recognition of struggling thyroids is notoriously variable!

RNBrie Tue 25-Apr-17 18:17:01

One of my friends has a Tsh of 8.3 and has been told that anything under 10 is considered normal confused they are retesting her in three months to see how she is doing.

Pleasemrstweedie Tue 25-Apr-17 18:17:57

Then she is probably very unwell indeed and with holding treatment will be making things worse.

Bebraveagain Tue 25-Apr-17 18:41:05

That's appalling shock. If she asks for the print out of results the normal range will be around 0.5 to 4.5. Her GP is very wrong. She should go back for an early as possible test (TSH is highest before eating around 8-9 am). She should also get her TF4 and antibodies tested. Poor lady. I'd ask for a different GP!

dodi1978 Tue 25-Apr-17 21:13:08

Wow, you guys all seem very knowledgeable about this! I'll keep your suggestions for reference - no idea what test was actually done. We shall see when the results come :-)!

Sittinginthesun Tue 25-Apr-17 21:16:15

I had this, together with other symptoms, and it turned out that I had a post partum overactive thyroid.

It did regulate itself in the end, but took a while (a year according to my blood results, but didn't feel myself for a lot longer than that).

Okite Tue 25-Apr-17 21:28:13

Apologies for diving in, but I've had a tsh of over two for a year or so. Only had ft3 and ft4 tested once (keep going back for fatigue).
Should I be chasing this up with gp? What are the other symptoms?

Bebraveagain Tue 25-Apr-17 22:28:38

Symtoms are wide ranging, from exhaution, anxiety, apathy, feeling the cold and even hair thinning! Low ferritin (stored iron) can also be a problem. It's good to see your results as you could be very low in the normal reference range and supplementing would help. Always ask for a print out.
If your Ft4 is very low in range, it's worth having antibodies checked although its good to have them checked anyway for Hashimotos autoimune thyroid disease. I was diagnosed when my TSH was just over 4 and my FT4 was 12, so still in the reference range. The right medication is like someone turning the power back on.
The symtons can be similar to vit D and B12 deficiency but hopefully your GP will check.

Okite Wed 26-Apr-17 06:46:38

Thanks bebrave, I have B12 deficiency (and vit d) also so everything is put down to that.
My TSH is around 2.5, ft4 was 9.5, ft3 was 4.7.
My gp also suspects carpal tunnel and possibly Raynauds. It feels like there are lots of disparate things going on and I'm just waiting for someone to link them together. But, as I say, everything now gets put down to B12 deficiency.

Bebraveagain Wed 26-Apr-17 07:55:59

I hope you GP has checked your antibodies as people often have multiple autoimune conditions. I have Hashimotos but coeliac disease, raynauds and pernacious anaemia (one cause of B12 deficiency) . Your ft4 shows you aren't producing enough thyroxine. Don't know why he's not treating you. this site has a helpful community if thyroid and Pernacious anaemia sufferers who are happy to help interpret symptons and blood results.

Bebraveagain Wed 26-Apr-17 08:00:23

Meant to say raynauds, coeliac, pernacious anaemia are all autoimune disorders and the malabsorption they bring causes vitimin deficiencies with wide ranging symptoms!

Okite Wed 26-Apr-17 13:18:05

I was tested for coeliac disease and that was clear. I do have pernicious anaemia. I've been tested for anti-DNA and ena antibodies (anti-dna a test for lupus I think? Have family history of that). I've just noticed on the ena record there's a comment that it should be retested In 3-6 months - that was a year ago! I always have low lymphocyte levels.
I'll have a look at that site later and see if they can help.

Okite Wed 26-Apr-17 13:18:24

Thank you for your help, by the way!

Bebraveagain Wed 26-Apr-17 13:34:37

You're welcome. It's been a tough year trying to work out this thyroid/ autoimune stuff for me too!
The antibodies for Hashimotos are TPOAb and TGAb. Mine were in the thousands when they should under about 30. Good luck with getting sorted out. It can all take some time...but you'll get there in the end.

mazarineblue Wed 26-Apr-17 22:59:31

I had carpal tunnel when my tsh was 7 and my too anti bodies in the 1000s. Also extreme tiredness and apathy, hairloss (head, eyebrows,arms and legs!), horrible sinus type head aches and a feeling like my eye balls were being squeezed! Feeling much better on levo now, thinking of also going gluten free as apparently that can help......

Headfullofdreams Thu 27-Apr-17 22:21:29

Sorry for butting in. I'm hyperthyroid and also have reynaulds. Are they connected and should I be tested for B12? Am
under a consultant and it's not been mentioned.
Also struggling with very sore eyes at the moment.

dodi1978 Thu 27-Apr-17 22:32:55

This is OP!

This thread has taken an interesting turn... so many different conditions associated with this!

I just rang my sister, and it turns out, I was right with my hunch (we don't talk much, but she had mentioned something once), that she has an underperforming thyroid.

She has just had new bloods done and will get the results tomorrow - it'll be interesting to see how they compare with mine.

Interestingly, she first developed the condition 7 years ago and would have been the same age as I was at my first pregnancy (she hasn't had children though).

So there might be genetics at play.

So guys, can you summarize for me: what should I ask for when my bloods come back, what should I look out for? When would they offer treatment? My symptoms are, overall, more in line with an underperforming rather than overperforming thyroid.

Headfullofdreams Thu 27-Apr-17 22:51:57

Dodo, sorry I can't help with underactive as am overactive.

Headfullofdreams Thu 27-Apr-17 22:52:30

Dodo? Dodi even

dodi1978 Fri 28-Apr-17 19:27:00

Update from OP (I am taking my thread back, ha!)!

Called the surgery this afternoon, and my results are back. The receptionist told me that my thyroid levels are a bit low, and that the GP has asked that I make a non-urgent appointment.

First appointment available was for two weeks time, but I wanted to speak to my normal GP.

So... levels a bit low indicates hypothyrodism? I have asked for a copy of my results an will pick them up on Tuesday.

Contacted my sister again - she isn't actually sure whether she has an overactive or an underactive thyroid confused. You experts out here - her MAP is 2600, should be lower than 60.... what would that indicate?

Well, I guess I just have to wait for the GP appointment now to learn more!

dodi1978 Fri 28-Apr-17 19:27:21

MAK, not MAP!

Okite Fri 28-Apr-17 21:13:50

I'm far from an expert but I think low levels (of tsh presumably?) indicate hyperthyroidism, not hypo.

If your thyroid is underactive, your body produces more and more tsh (thyroid stimulating hormone) to try and get it to wake up a bit. Low levels of tsh indicate the opposite - your body doesn't have to stimulate it much as it's already working overtime.

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