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Blood in urine

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Joneseygirl77 Mon 24-Apr-17 15:36:36

I need a bit of hand holding and reassurance here please after my GP appointment. Sorry it's a long one!

I was diagnosed with a UTI 3 weeks ago and put on a strong course of antibiotics for 7 days. I've had UTIs before but last couple have had visible blood in my urine. This one didn't but blood was detected and GP asked me to do 2 further samples a week apart. Anyway I got called back to GP today and have been told all 3 samples had traces of blood in them so have been referred onto urology. I'm feeling loads better but have still got a dull aching pain in my lower left back.
GP did usual thing of 'oh it's very unlikely to be serious but it is a market for cancer shock He did take my BP and it was fine and did a abdomen exam which was ok. He also prodded my back and it's very tender around the left back aching area.

I've got to wait 2 weeks for urologist appt so not great for a worrier like me. Anyone else had similar? It's the back ache that's bothering me- could it be a stuck kidney stone?

JanuarySmith Mon 24-Apr-17 20:23:24

Yes I've had exactly this and yes it was a kidney stone. My deepest sympathies if this is what you have! Ugh the pain is dreadful once it gets moving BUT it will pass!

RupertsMum2 Mon 24-Apr-17 20:30:37

My mum had this on several occasions (her urine was very frankly blood stained). She was referred to urology and had a cystoscopy (l think that's right). It was in the Day case unit and it was like a catheter with a little camera. It wasn't sore and only took a very short while. They didn't find anything wrong and put it down to persistent infection.

Joneseygirl77 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:16:50

Thanks both that's a huge reassurance.

I did ask the GP if it could be a kidney stone as I've always thought you get severe pain with stones. He did say you only tend to get the pain when the start to move and I may have one that is stuck. My mum has also reminded me that both her, my auntie and my grandma have also suffered with them.

Glad to hear cystoscopy wasn't too traumatic as I'm scared witless about having that. But I think CT scan is the first test before the scope.

JanuarySmith Tue 25-Apr-17 11:00:47

Yes they're just a niggle initially. I had many urine tests with invisible blood and I had scans on my ovaries etc as they thought it was gynaecological. Eventually I was referred for the fast track cystoscopy and that found nothing. The doctor said 'just to complete my investigations I'll arrange a ct scan of your kidneys but we don't expect to find anything as a kidney stone doesn't present with urine infections and blood'

Well it does as they found a 1cm stone. I had lithotripsy to shatter it and I needed three sessions so I had a fortnight of utter pain and misery and then .. relief!

Tanfastic Tue 25-Apr-17 12:21:21

I went through this last summer. Invisible blood in my urine and a persistent feeling that I had a UTI.

Got referred to
Urology, had a kidney/bladder scan and a cystoscopy and nothing was found.

This is usually the case so
I wouldn't worry.

I worried myself into an early grave all for nothing!

For what it's worth my infection went on it's own in the end. I'm putting it down to my age (44) and peri menopause. I do still have a trace of blood that can't be seen but I'm not worried now I've had the tests to rule out the nasties!

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