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Perforated ulcer

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Thattwatoverthere Sun 23-Apr-17 12:03:38

Not me thank god but pretty sure my BF has this. He's currently in hospital, initially with kidney stones which have now thankfully gone (although they think replaced with blood clot?!) but has been left with the serious pains in stomach and is violently sick after drinking and eating, even a chewing gum is making him sick. Apparently it's very bloody and his poo is tar like. He's had an ulcer in the past but stopped his medication years ago which they've just restarted him on.

I know he's in the best place being in hospital but there's talk of him coming home later today with an outpatient appointment in the next week to look at his stomach.

WTF do I do with him if he does come home?? Can't eat or drink and is in really significant pain and has been for the last week which is why I took him there in the first place. I can't deal with him like this as bad as it sounds.

Has anyone experienced this? What helps and what can I do for him? I'm really worried sad

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