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lovechocolates Sun 23-Apr-17 12:01:48

hey everyone, i just need some advise please? Last week, i felt so unwell, headachey, sick, temperature etc. i went to the out of hours doctors, who diagnosed me with a urine infection. I was totally shocked as i didn't show any normal symptoms, but i felt absolutely awful in myself. I was give a course of a weeks' antibiotics, which i completed. I still felt absolutely awful. I went back to the doctors and found i still have the infection, so another 3 days' worth of antibiotics. The problem is, i am not feeling much better in myself, despite these antibiotics. I still feel sick, headachey and very unwell. Anyone else had a similar experience and is it possible it's something more serious than a urine infection? Sorry for rambling a bit. I just want to get well.

medicinewoman182 Sun 23-Apr-17 12:28:22

Have they taken a urine sample?
And which antibiotics have you been given?

I suffered with recurring UTI's for about 2 years with no obvious cause, and sometimes they would completely floor me, I felt like death!

lovechocolates Sun 23-Apr-17 13:00:12

i'm on trimethoprim 200 mg twice daily. Yes, they have taken a sample and i hope to get the results this week. It has completely knocked me out, but without obvious urine infection symptoms i read about. I did start to feel better, but seem to have gone down hill again. I read everywhere that antibiotics, even on a short course, will clear the infection. i'm just not feeling better tho.

medicinewoman182 Sun 23-Apr-17 13:39:32

It may be that the bacteria causing it is resistant to Trimethoprim. It's first line treatment for a UTI, if it's an e-cold infection, which is likely, you will probably be out onto something else, probably Nitrofurantin.

Try Waterfall D Mannose powder or tablets, I had millions of antibiotics and it always came back, but these have saved my life!!

lovechocolates Sun 23-Apr-17 17:58:48

thanks for your replies. i'll look that up. x x x

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