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Yesterday I did a marathon and I can't stop feeling nauseous

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Thoravit Sun 23-Apr-17 04:07:11

I am a marathon rookie so didn't really know how to prepare. Obviously I am trying to be hydrated so drinking lots of water but I have felt nauseous since it finished. What am I likely missing?

I've eaten non stop since finishing but that still hasn't helped in fact it's made me feel more sick,

What do I need?

Cantseethewoods Sun 23-Apr-17 04:13:08

Normal. It will pass and eating a lot probably hasn't helped. I normally just do protein shakes for 12-24 hrs after. It will go though. Don't worry, and we'll done on your marathon

voobylooby Sun 23-Apr-17 05:14:18

Congrats! It will pass. Stick with the water & eat a little of what you fancy. I had a friend who could only tolerate canned custard!

IwillrunIwillfly Sun 23-Apr-17 05:19:01

I have a friend that swears by eating a banana after a long race and another couple over the next day or so to replace potassium lost, might be worth a banana ifnyou can stomach it? Drinking wise, have you had something other than water? Maybe try a sports drink with electrolytes to help replace what you've lost? Hope you feel better and congratulations on completing it!

MollyHuaCha Mon 24-Apr-17 08:37:28

Congratulations on your run - such a great achievement star

teaandcakeat8 Mon 24-Apr-17 08:44:08

Totally normal - as someone has said try a sports drink like lucozade sport to replace electrolytes. I like ice lollies but find it difficult to stomach food after a race.


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