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Pile just popped (tmi warning)

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Teabagtits Sun 23-Apr-17 01:31:33

I'm 7months pregnant and I had a rather large and painful pile appear three days ago. I applied the relevsnt cream and it seemed to shrink a bit but not much. It was getting really itchy as I lay in bed tonight and I did give it a wee rub. When I went for a pee I noticed more blood than usual when wiping and then dark red jelly like clots. I dabbed gently with loo roll and even more large clots (like berries) and red fresh blood. I've had bleeding piles before but only teeny spots never quite this. I've applied more pile cream and put on a panty liner hopingvthat will suffice.

Is it likely to be ok or should I be going to get it checked? Has anyone else ever accidentally popped their own pile?

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