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Bit of a moan

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Medicaltextbook Sat 22-Apr-17 22:07:11

This is a bit of a rant. I know I'm feeling sorry for myself. I've been trying to remind myself that there are many people who are much worse of than me in terms of health but it's not working so well.

I'm tired of taking pills even though they are keeping me alive.

I've been having a set of nosebleeds and it's annoying. My bleeds can be very short to dangerously long such as a couple of hours. I find them all tiring - I think my adrenaline kicks in every time in case it's going to go long. I need to get tissues ready and ultimately I may need to go to hospital.

At the same time I have bowel problems going on so have a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks.

My well controlled depression has had a couple of knocks when people have criticised me. I got over that well.

Is anyone else like me finding it hard dealing with illness that might not serious but just unending. Either that or just remind me how lucky I am.

BusterGonad Tue 25-Apr-17 06:42:04

Yeah, I get fed up, some people seem to have it easy, when I'm down I look around and some people's lives APPEAR to be a walk in the park, of course they probably aren't but when you're bent over double trying not to break wind incase you shit yourself it can look that way! 😂 As you can guess I have bowel problems, Crohn's, it's not nice but you just have to get in with it. Good luck for your colostomy and please remember it's a known fact that having diseases like Crohn's can increase your chances of depression as it's an ongoing medical issue so please be gentle on yourself, things do get better, life can literally be shit (pun intended) but it isn't always.

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